A friend of mine posted a link on FB and I'm not sure what she was getting at. but it took me to this guy's site. It may be the worst science page that I've ever seen. Maybe it's better than apologetics, but it's worth reading for a giggle. The premise that seems to run around in his head is that scientists are still working on ideas from when he was a kid, so all of those ideas are failures and we should stop paying for those experiments. He's suggesting that scientists are "creating" eternal jobs and we should be saving lives instead. 

A couple of examples...

"A backward view of reality is a false reality. This is why scientists can spend so many resources on things like trying to contact aliens from outer space. We taxpayers spent un-countable millions on a project called SETI, or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. How much do you think it will cost to station 3 satellites, 3 million miles apart, make them perfectly motionless relative to each other; and equip them with super powerful laser beams? How many 6 figure a year scientists, technicians, not to mention all of their vast support staffs and bureaucracies will be needed to accomplish this feat? No matter what anyone says that it will cost, we know that it will cost a lot more. If they say 7 years, it will probably take 12 years. How many years must this experiment run before a gravity wave happens to come by? And they admit right up front that detecting a gravity wave is just a hope, not a certainty. And if they say they detected a gravity wave, how would we know for sure? What if gravity waves really do exist? What difference does it make to dead soldiers? Or starving people? Or the people who die in the next infectious pandemic?" Link

"I went straight to my desk and grabbed a piece of paper and a calculator. Within five minutes, I was looking at mathematical proof that Goldbach’s conjecture is false. There are even numbers that can only be the sum of any even number of primes. The proof was simple. Any highschool algebra student should be able to understand it.     I spent a week preparing a proof to submit to the major mathematical publications. 32 months later I received a rejection response from one of them. There was no reason given for the rejection. I did not know this at the time, but if you submit an un-solicited writing for publication, and you are not already famous, they don’t even read it, they just throw it away." Link
Talk about having your feelings hurt! I can only imagine how bad that math was. I assumed that someone would enjoy the bad science here.

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I wonder if you have the same number of Chromosomes but are of a different species, can you then crossbreed? In his science world does that mean that people with Down syndrome can't get pregnant by those without Downs?
Oh no, we have been found out!

And here's the proof.


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