Evolution and domestication are two separate topics, but studied together provide a high level of insight into genetic evolution and cultural evolution. There are so many types of evolution to discuss that I wish we had different words or terms for each them so they're not constantly conflated and confused with each other... or at least we should learn and not confuse the most important types of evolution. Genetic vs cultural evolution are far different from each other, at least in detail, and somewhat in paradigm.

The chart above illustrates a modern family tree of genotypes and phenotypic relationships, greatly enabled by new data from genetic maps of extant dogs. If you're interested, here's a link to a new article "So many doggone traits: mapping genetics of multiple phenotypes in... in an Oxford Journal, Human Molecular Genetics.

I'm not just posting this for the benefit of geeks like me (which are probably few), but also for the many anti-evolutionists out there who think that so many areas of science are fraudulent. Just take a look at the article, and please notice the intense and detailed work it must have entailed; why would scientists work this hard just to fool you? And this scientific paper is just one example out of millions.

Also, biogenesis and cosmology are other types of "evolution" theory that are unrelated in paradigm and details to each other, and other types of evolution. But at least we have the unique words biogenesis and cosmology to help us keep them separate, scientific studies. Perhaps more important than how unrelated the sciences currently are, they still inform each other and aim to eventually be consistent with each other. I.e., when one field of science disagrees or doesn't seem compatible with another field of science, they will eventually work out their differences as they become increasingly deep in their knowledge bases. This is totally different from the way different religions cannot hammer out each other's differences, and they never will!

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BTW, I think I've thought of a new word for the evolution of domesticated species and I've made sure that no one else has coined it, yet: breedolution. By the powers of Think Atheist invested in me, I hereby declare the word coined!

Breedolution The process by which wild species have been domesticated by humans, and may continue into the future. (Unlike the evolution of natural selection, this is an evolution of artificial selection!) And by the way, human species itself is subject to whatever artificial selection that has incurred, perhaps as far back as millions of years? There's no line of demarcation for natural versus artificial selection... there's a pretty wide gray area, somewhere way back there in time. A nice area of study would be about 10k years ago, during agricultural evolution.



Its still really just evolution though.

The part the creationists stumble over, arch-typically, in evolution, is that it is not random.

Its random mutations with the bounds of the genetic chemistry, and then applied selection pressures that filter the results over time.

The selection pressures are what are always left out in lay discussions...and yet, they are what makes evolution work.  This is why evolution can mean staying ~ the same (Horseshoe Crabs, Ants, etc), or going back to a larval form as the primary form for the critter (Newts, 17 year locusts, etc), or, going from little mouse like mammals to primates...there is no predetermined "direction" per se...OTHER THAN whatever the section pressures result in.

So, domesticated animals, such as dogs, have US as their selection pressure...and, the rest is just normal evolution.



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