Within minutes you should begin to experience a bizarre set of sensory distortions.
Some people see horses prancing in the clouds or hear the voice of a
dead relative. It turns out that the mind is addicted to sensation so
that when there’s little to sense (that’s the purpose of ping pong balls
and static) your brain ends up inventing its own. Via

After seeing a article about the Ganzfeld Procedure online a month ago, I decided to actually try it out today.

Just to be clear, I am not sure I am totally on board with telepathy etc. I was simply doing this to block out all senses and see what would happen.

In short, I did experience a clear, 3D cube jump out and then do a quick 360 spin. It really was like short dream while I was awake (the moment I saw it I got on here to write this).

I did not have any any ping pong balls, so I cut out two white paper circles and then cut a slice to the middle (think of a paper snow cone shape). I have an app that makes "white noise", so I turned that on and I laid down for about 3 minutes, and zippppp!!! There was a 3D cube object!

It is worth a try if you want to do a quick science experiment on yourself! :]

The point of all of this, for me, is to showcase how everything is not always what it seems, and how EASILY the brain can wonder off and make a person see stuff they are not actually seeing.

Go try it out and let us know if it works for you. :]

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As I understant the affair Dr.Paul Kurtz called into questin certain resutls for which he was wrongly vilified. I had to Google to find out that he was indeed in the right just as we skeptics are when condiering any woo.
Why do the credulous when we skeptics put them to test that they then blame our presence for the failed tests as supernaturalists do with unanswered prayer [Oh, and with answered prayer, they do the ad hoc- find coincidences.
Yes, scientists are studying the pareidolias that people see. The argument from pareidolia is that just as some see Marian apparitions when the dead woman is still dead that people see agency -intent-teleology and design when there are only teleonomy and patterns. We inhabit a teleonomical world- one without any divine input whatsoever!
That does not lead to that absured non-sequitur that therefore we have no purpose and then what is the use of living as we find and make our own purposes. We are not clay shaped willy-nilly by some divine potter, Paul that sophist, notwithstanding!
And the atelic or teleonomic argument is that the weight of evidence portrays a teleomic- no pre-tetermined outcomes- rather than a teleological -no predetermined ones. Indeed, to postulate divine teleology would to contradict science rather than complementig it as the evolutionist creationists or creation evolutonists prattle!
One supernaturalist argues that God hides Himself such that we do not discern HIs teleological manners! That makes for the new Omphalos argument that we discern apparent teleonomy and patterns rather than telelogy and design.That is just as silly as the old one where people argue He made things look million of years older!
Yes, Kenneth Miller Karl Giberson and Francisco Jose Ayala are indeed obscurantists trying to conflate evolution and religion1

Scientists are investigating  how people see agency-intent-teleology-when none is there: thus arises another scientfic argument along with the atelic -without purpose- argument that people see intent and design when only teleonomy- no planned outcomes and patterns exist. Therefore, Lamberth's two arguments keel haul teleology. Furthermore, all teleological arguments- fine-tuning, probability, to design and from reason- the self-refutation of naturalism- beg the question of planned outcomes.

 And, thus He has no referents as the atelic alone and the other naturalist arguments affirm, He cannot exist, and as He has incoherent,contradictory attributes, He cannot exist!

One whammy after another against Him!


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