This is a link to a school science fair based on Creationism. You have to love the nuts on this kid... 2nd Place: "Women Were Designed For Homemaking"

And using prayer to micro-evolve bacteria. Now there is something testable and repeatable. Without prayer, no bacteria would ever experience evolution or stasis.

I will do the same for my kids when I have them... "No childrens, mutations only occur via prayer!" Is it me or do the explanations get more and more absurd as the years go by?

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Omfg, I've learned so much from these genius' "science" experiments! Especially about what it means to be a woman! Although, since I haven't had any babies and earn as much money as my male counterparts in my profession, does that mean I'm really a dude?! I had to add the paragraph about that particular "experimental" to my home page...Brillliant!! Thanks, Gaytor!
The Thermodynamics of Hellfire.

... Really?
Is it me, or does Steve look kind of monkey-ish??
Those are some long arms!
Look at the second place high school experiment, it is borderline cruelty to animals. Our college allows projects dealing with animals, but we have to prove to two separate committees that the research is worthwhile, ethical, and not unnecessarily stressful for the animals. This project does not fit any of theses requirements.

J****'s (grade 12) project was to show the feasibility of Noah's Ark using a Rodentia research model (made of a mixture of hamsters and gerbils) as a representative of diluvian life forms. The Rodentia were placed in a cage with dimensions proportional to a section of the Ark. The number of Rodentia used (58) was calculated using available Creation Science research and was based on the median animal size and their volumetric distribution in the Ark....

"Although there was little room left in the cage, all Rodentia were able to move just enough to ward off muscle atrophy. Food pellets and water were delivered to sub-surface Rodentia via plastic drinking straws inserted into the Rodentia-mass, which also served to allow internal air flow. Once a day, the cage was sprayed with water to cleanse any built-up waste.
Additionally, the cage was suspended on bungee cords to simulate the rocking motion of a ship. The study lasted 30 days and 30 nights, with all Rodentia surviving at least long enough afterwards to allow for reproduction. "

Bold for emphasis. I hate to think what happened to the 58 rodents once the project was over.
"Rocks Can't Evolve, Where Did They Come From Mr. Darwin?" - Anna Reed (grade 6)

I'm afraid that I can't much appreciate the humor in it; it's just too sad and scary! I'm quite sure that purposely teaching children to think like imbecils should be considered child abuse. Shouldn't it be reported to DHS when it occurs?


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