Listen (as Vonnegut often wrote),


No one nation is impacted if there is an asteriod impact. OECD is Organization for Economic Co-Operation Development that seems to be "in charge" of the procedures for managing "verification, planning, and communications." The us of the USA are represented.


I like the last excerpt, likening disasters to "Acts of God."


More like "acts of fate and physics."




the link for the paper is shown in my reply to Michel.







How a Near-Earth Object Impact Might Affect Society

9 January 2003

Clark R. Chapman, SwRI, Boulder CO USA

Commissioned by the Global Science Forum, OECD, for "Workshop on Near Earth Objects: Risks, Policies, and Actions


excerpt: Finally, some important issues are discussed: the role of the media and public perception of an inherently non-intuitive but alarming hazard, the unusual scientific uncertainties associated with predicting impacts, international oversight of asteroid deflection technologies,


excerpt: Concerns by an agitated public about predicted impacts might well be presented to national elected leaders, emergency management agencies, and military and space departments; few governments have anyone in authority who can answer such questions. Health agencies, school officials, and police might have to deal locally with associated panic and anti-social behaviors by frightened people, especially children

excerpt: An uninformed, apprehensive, risk-averse public combined with media hype are elements of the modern world. The mix confounds many issues at the interface of science and society. The business goals and/or political agendas of the informational and entertainment media -- whether print, TV, or internet -- often run counter to dispassionate purposes of educating and informing the public


excerpt: The role of the news media in handling the impact hazard has generally not improved as scientific knowledge about the impact hazard has become more robust


excerpt: But that is true only once its orbit has been precisely determined, which may take months or even many years after it is first discovered. In the interim, an arcane suite of uncertainties clouds the reliability of predictions, and the ongoing highly technical work is difficult for science journalists to understand or translate to the public.


excerpt: Reactions to much more deadly disasters around the world are often characterized by a subdued fatalism -- especially in an international context, but even in the affected nation -- if the cause is the usual "act of God":






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Thanks Michel, I edited the topic.
I tried to at least. Here is the link here too: This is the html version of the file It is a file download of .doc file.



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