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Here's a google translation;

"Already 1.3 million years ago in Europe there were cannibals. Excavations in the Atapuerca Mountains of northern Spain, researchers discovered a emanating from that time humerus, which, after press reports on Thursday significant cut marks.
They are convinced that the Spanish Merino Gómez paleontologist Gala due to unspecified hominid (human-like), who tried at that time with primitive stone tools to get at the bone marrow. The find proves that there cannibals in Europe, about half a million years earlier than was previously thought.
In the Atapuerca Mountains in the northern Spanish province of Burgos researchers had discovered two years ago and so far the oldest remains of the first Western Europeans. They are the "Homo antecessor" attributed to that produced to the satisfaction of many scientists, both modern humans and Neanderthals. The remains lay in a layer 1.1 to 1.2 million year old rock."

Although eating bone marrow from humans is technically cannibalism, I don't think it is quite as intentional as actually killing, dismembering and cooking a whole human.  Homo erectus and his precursors scavenged a lot of bones, left after other animals had killed and stripped them.  They knew that the marrow was inside and extremely high in calories.  Except for hyenas, most predators are not able to crush bones to get at the marrow, but with stone tools, these early hominids were.  Simply extracting the marrow from a bone, whatever its source, doesn't imply that the rest of the animal was eaten by the hominids.  Skeletal remains often get highly dispersed and dis-articulated, so its entirely possible that the hominids didn't know that it was one of their kind they were eating.

Thanks for translation Chuck, how did you do it ?

I think hominides 1,2 mio.years ago were able to distinguish animal bones from bones of hominides, especially the bigger ones, because it was their daily meal... I suggest that they ate everything when they were hungry, even other hominides, just as homo sapiens did in the 192o ties in Russia and Ukraine ,but a scientific proof for that suggestion does not exist up to now, as far as I know.





Dr. Halbeisen,

Google has a pretty good translator, it doesn't get the grammar right, but it gets most of the words.

You just paste the block of text on the left side, select the two languages(input/output) and press the translate button.  For example, here is your comment translated into German:  "Ich denke Hominiden 1,2 mio.years vor konnten Tierknochen aus Knochen von Hominiden, insbesondere die größeren zu unterscheiden, weil es ihre tägliche Mahlzeit war ... Ich schlage vor, dass sie alles gegessen, wenn sie hungrig, auch andere Hominiden waren, wie Homo sapiens in der 192o Beziehungen in Russland und der Ukraine hat, sondern ein wissenschaftlicher Beweis für diesen Vorschlag nicht existiert bis heute, soweit ich weiß."  The link to google translate is here:|en|

Google may look at your clipboard, and guess at the language you are starting with, and perhaps it is remembering your native language as the results language. 


As far as evidence for cannibalism, the bones of a carcass that is dismembered for eating would have different tool marks, where the sinews and muscle were cut from the bone, than simply extracting the marrow.  There are quite a few of these of these in later humans, plus plenty of forensic evidence for this in contemporary cannibalism cases.   I do not disagree that humans probably ate each other throughout the ages when famine was present, or maybe not present.


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