Scientists discover a ‘dark’ milky way

Posted: 26 Aug 2016 05:42 AM PDT

Using the world's most powerful telescopes, an international team of astronomers has found a massive galaxy that consists almost entirely of dark matter. 

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Thanks for the link Jade!!!!!

The future of astronomy and space exploration gets more exciting every year...especially 2016 it seems with the Centauri System news sophisticated satelites on their way to planets and their moons.

The private ventures towards Proxima B and that group are a sea change.


That is some telescope! It can see what has only been hypothesized.

I will explain BRIEFLY. Newton's gravitation law requires more mass than astronomers have found. So, assume the mathematics and its use are both correct, and hypothesize enough mass to satisfy the equation.

Stated alternatively, instead of requiring man-made mathematics to approximate the universe, require the universe to conform itself to the man-made mathematics.

The problem results from assuming that gravitation is the only force that's acting in the universe.

Well, there are many known forces at play.  The "missing mass" was not the sort of thing finding missing rocks/planets, etc, could "find".

It was the extra gravitational effect observed on KNOWN objects that indicated that energy and mass were (both) out there and unaccounted for.

So, the unknown part, above, is what they are rushing to explore.

I read the other day that the EM Drive might be using dark energy/mass for example, as a way to have it stay compliant with known physical laws.

If its thrust continues to be confirmed, and no exhaust is involved, well, action/reaction goes out the window.

If the exhaust ends up being "dark", it would explain it.

Of course, it could still be a fluke of the test methodology, etc....and not actually work.


TJ, can you identify some of those "many known forces at play"?

Of course the missing mass "was not the sort of thing...." The universe wasn't obeying man-made mathematics, so cosmologists "created" enough mass ro make the universe conform to the math.

A vehicle with EM Drive? Its location, velocity and acceleration will also be "dark".


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