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I just joined and i love the idea of talking about some good reads Atheism. I just ordered Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth"


Mainly I wanted to know of there is a certain book that is suggested to be read among the group or if it's just discussions of books that have been read.



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Definitely check out THE GOD VIRUS!!
The God Virus Book

Dan McGowan's Atheism for Dummies isn't for dummies.

Decades ago when I quit Catholicism I went to two meetings of a college atheist club and heard one strongly-felt opinion stated several times. I wanted to leave my mind open so I chose agnosticism. The recently-coined word apatheist describes my attitude well until well into my retirement.

Five years ago a man gave me an opportunity to tell about 15 members of a Toastmasters club my view of an afterlife. I could have begun with:

1. "I'm not an atheist; I'm an agnostic and I don't anticipate an afterlife" or

2. "I'm an atheist and I'm okay with being some chemicals in the ground."

I chose 2.

Having committed myself, I read the best known works of two of the Four Horsemen of Atheism and knew I was getting their strongly-felt opinions. I took part in many on-line discussions and learned much but did not get the overview I wanted.

McGowan's book is a well-organized overview and it's filling many gaps.

I similarly enjoyed Lisa Paddock's Supreme Court for Dummies.


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