Hello Everyone,


I just joined and i love the idea of talking about some good reads Atheism. I just ordered Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth"


Mainly I wanted to know of there is a certain book that is suggested to be read among the group or if it's just discussions of books that have been read.



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I really enjoyed The Greatest Show on Earth. It was easier reading than The God Delusion, and I will probably read it again. It just made such crystalline sense! 

If you want a list of fantastic books to read, ask Nelson. He'll suggest more books than you'll ever have time to read, but you'll wanna try at least... :)

I just finished Why Evolution is True. I loved it! So clear and crisp. Also, I will be diving into Dawkins's book this year too.
Awesome Heather. Let me know what you think when you start the book. It will be arriving for me tomorrow and I will make sure I get a thread started later on when I'm a ways into it.

Sounds great! Thanks for the welcome Nelson. I will be looking over that list soon. I also have "Why God Is Not Great" to read. If you were to suggest a book that is considered to be the guide to Atheism or that covers most things you need to know, what would it be?



I will check them out. With those books i probably have my year full of reading between that and my studies. lol. Thanks a lot!
Hi Jason and Heather,

I recently purchased Greatest Show on Earth and am ready to start reading it. Would love to do it as a "book club" type experience. Will look for the upcoming thread!

Regarding suggestions, I recently read Loftus' Why I Became an Atheist and really enjoyed it. Have you read Sagan's Demon Haunted World? Really about skepticism rather than atheism, but a must-read for anyone interested in critical thinking.
Excellent! I'm catching up podcasts this week and look forward to hearing it!
Christine, I'm all for the book club reading of greatest show on earth. I will be starting it this weekend, but I have one issue. I'm a student and sometimes the extra curricular reading gets put off for a while. I hope I don't slow anyone down! :) I look forward to discussing it though, and it will only be my second book in the atheist category so I'm sure I will have some questions for the book guru Nelson!
If we're going to read it together then I think I'll start it up! Sounds good!
May is the busiest month of the year for me at work - lots of evening & weekend commitments, so I have similar concerns about keeping up. However, I really like the idea of reading & discussing with a group.
That's great Heather, the more the merrier!

Hey everyone, I started a new post in 'Read Atheist' about "The Greatest Show on Earth" By Dawkins. Check it out when you can and let me know if you're interested in reading it with us.


Here is the link to the discussion:



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