A message from jennifer to all members of Read Atheist on Think Atheist! Have you or someone that you know been laid off? Don't like your current career situation? Well, President Obama is investing in education, please take advantage before it's too late.

Over 75% of colleges and universities in the U.S. offer internet degree programs.

You or your children can receive an AA, BA, BA, Masters or PhD.

Search multiple schools and advance your education from the comfort of your home.

What can it hurt to complete this simple application? Financial aid available.


Nursing, Teaching, Medical, Transportation, Theology and many more.

Increase your salary today with an internet degree.


I'm all for people getting an education; and if there are funds available to help those who need the financial aid; then I'm all for getting that information out. However this seems a little like spam.

I'm skeptical of any site that wants me to just enter my information blindly. This site (rebirthmediainc.com) does just that. Its just a single page, portal interface, that wants you to give them your name, email, zip code, and phone number.

A quick WhoIs on rebirthmediainc.com, reveals they are owned by Rebirth Media Group, operating out of Nashville, Tennessee. A quick Google search on Rebirth Media Group, finds that they run GospelTube.com, along with several other religiously affiliated sites.

Why would a religious organization be trying to help you 'collect' government money to help with your education? And why would I want to give my information to an internet religious organization?

The "blind portal page" does have a link to their 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms of Use' though. So I checked those. Turns out they redirect to page on getmyonlinedegree.com. A WhoIs check on them lets us know they are registered through Moniker Privacy Services, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Moniker is a company that allows you to register a domain name and remain anonymous; so there is no way of knowing what company really runs getmyonlinedegree.com. Moniker has apparently made a decent name for itself with some celebrities and companies that do not want their full information list on a WhoIs query. But they have also come under some scrutiny because some of the companies they hide have been implicated in shady dealings.

Why would a company wanting to help you use government funds to get your degree take measures to hide its identity?

The information they are asking for (initially) is not enough to commit identity theft. But I didn't go any further to find out what "Step 2" asks for. Plus if they were going that route, your name and zip code is enough to start looking for information on you; and your phone number and email address are enough to provide "verifications" along the way that could help them. At the very very least, you would be subjecting yourself to email spam and phone solicitations by submitting your information.

Additionally, the message does not cite any new program, but simply mentions "financial aid." That's been around plenty long enough to not be considered "new." Programs that offer additional financial aid and loan forgiveness for "Nursing, Teaching, Medical" have been around for quite awhile. And besides, I'm extra skeptical of a claim that "new" funds will pay for a degree in "Theology."

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There is information on the president proposing $12 million be invested in colleges; and calling for "five million additional graduates by 2020."

This email is not part of that, and appears to be attempting to play off the hype of the president's plans.


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