Hello again everyone,

For those of you that were interested or recently started The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins, I figured we would start a discussion on it. Any one that wants to join in and start the read is more than welcome, as well as those who have already read it. (I'm sure Nelson will have some insight for us!)


Let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!



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Allow me to post a sidebar. Candidly, I haven't read the book yet.  I agree with you..."It's so hard to understand that mindset."  My situation was somewhat unique. I studied the  Bible under a non-denomination preacher/teacher in Houston.  He was degreed in Hebrew, Koine Greek and Aramaic from the University of Arizona, a pre-dispensationalist, Church Age proponent, etc.  He actually did teach that the earth was millions and millions of years old, distinguishing what he called a complete global ice age between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2.

 The church had untold thousands of adherents across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia including a VP of the US.  He was so articulate and scholarly that we all 'accepted' this view.  He published dozens of tracts and tapes and CD's. He refused to be televised or  appeal to one's wallet.   The man truly believed what he preached. But, later in my life, I woke up, grew up, studied and focused and came to believe that even a more rational form of religion was still untrue and based on mythology.

  The point is, is that I can, in a way, understand the epistemology and ontological structure of their belief system...it's wrong, but I do to a degree comprehend it.  Of course, I now know that 'faith', 'religion', a somewhat patriotic belief structure exists very, very deeply in this nation and it makes me sad.  Irrationality usually trumps reason.

"Irrationality usually trumps reason." This is a very sad reality. I'm fresh out of Christianity (literally about three weeks), and that's exactly where I was, trumping reason with my 'irrationality in the hole.' I must say that I was somewhat skeptical of religion most of my life. But I was quick to believe what a pastor told me was true because they were articulate and scholarly and must know what they're talking about.  Right?  NO!  I'm so glad to have finally woken from my 'jesus zombie' state and think for myself.  After researching evolution and approaching it with a real open mind (previous times I've approached evolution with an 'open mind,' but my mind was not truly 'open,' I simply was not thinking rationally.  I was in the brainwashed mode of only looking for information that 'proved' god exists.  Which I found.  On sites like firstbaptistchurch.org, or seethelight.com.  The information is all a lie and is not credible.  Period.


I must read this book though, it will be on my list to read, and will be read very soon.


Thanks guys!

Hi guys! Hello and sorry to have disappeared before the discussion started. My schedule was overwhelming. Looking forward to catching up on reading both the book and the discussion here.


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