Hello again everyone,

For those of you that were interested or recently started The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins, I figured we would start a discussion on it. Any one that wants to join in and start the read is more than welcome, as well as those who have already read it. (I'm sure Nelson will have some insight for us!)


Let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!



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I bought the book  some 8 months ago but haven't read only the first 30-40 pages. Maybe I'll start now.
Thanks Nelson, I'm sure you have more experience than me in starting a discussion of this sort, any pointers you have a long the way are appreciated. I'm going to message a few people that were interested in our last discussion about this too.


I'm new here, but I'd love to participate in this.  I think it would greatly enhance understanding to have a nice organized and thoughtful discussion about this great book.  I read it a while back, but I'd like to read it again.


It would be really nice if we could be in sync on this somehow and have dates for chapters to be completed.  It might also be nice to give a little bit of time to those who have busy lives. :)  Like, a chapter discussion every couple days or something instead of a bunch all at once.


Just my newbie thoughts.  


Thank you,


Hey Rob,

Glad to see that you're going to join us in the read. I hope the schedule we have discussed will work for you. I look forward to talking with you in the discussion.


I am new to this group and I would love to participate in the discussion. I just finished God Delusion and I was thinking what other  Dawkins book to read when I got this email. Must be a "message"

:)) "a message", lol

I have to buy God Delusion too as I'm quite more interested in that one.


I would really like to find a good translation of 'His Noodliness' in Romanian, I can't seem to find the right words. :))
Okay everyone, the interest seems to be here. I'm going to start by suggesting that we take this one slow but everyone can read ahead if they want. I think a chapter or two each week and then we can post a discussion page for it on sunday night or monday morning. Dots that seem to work for everyone???

I am a busy college student so that pace seems that it would work for me, but I want to make sure that's okay for everyone else too. If that is okay I think it first section would be the peace and chapter one, to open to discussion on Sunday, May 8th.

Let me know what you all think, thanks everyone!!!
I'm interested too, but I will be a late starter as I am nearing the last two weeks of the semester, and I will be busy with finals.  This book just happens to be the first book on my summer reading list, and I'm looking forward to the chapter discussions.
Tina, feel free to join whenever you can. I look forward to hearing from you then.
I liked the book. I wish I had something more to say about it though. lol! Really though, it was a good read.

I'm sorry if this is double-posting.  It's a bit confusing learning to "reply". Anyway, looking for to reading about the "show" (read scam).


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