Post here Atheist books or books on the subject of that you would suggest to us other non-theists. Along with that, please post a PICTURE and a LINK to where you can purchase it online. If you can't purchase it online, please post the name and address of the store you can buy it at. Also, it would be helpful if you give a synopis [teaser]/ review of the book.

Thanks! ^_^

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My recommendation today is for you all to check out Andre Comte-Sponville's "The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality." It comes in two languages, that I know of: English and French. The original french version is titled "L'espirit de l'atheisme" - for those of you who speak french as a native language.

Sponville is a well known French atheist with a lot of intelligent things to say. He is far less "condemning" of religion than Dawkins, or Harris, or Hitchens. Not saying that those books aren't good, just that if you want to convince an open-minded theist by way of freethinker book; Sponville is a better way to go, as he treats theists with sympathy and gentleness rather than condemnations.

"The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality" first attempts to propose and give reasoning for humanity being able to do without religion, and then goes into the irrationality of believing in the existence of God. He concludes the book by appealing to new atheist deconverts that there IS a way to feel "spirtual rapture" in the natural world, that you do not need God to have such an experience.

I would suggest it to many of you, but especially those who believe that Dawkins and his contemporaries in atheist books are wrong in their idea that religion is too harmful to society to continue to exist, or that Dawkins and his contempories are publishing books that just give theists a distorted view of atheists. [No offense to anyone - And BTW... I don't believe that, I like Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens' proposals and believe that they are true... but think that theists are so blind right now that their minds have to be opened GENTLY before they can truly be affected by books such as the God Delusion.]

Now, this is a picture of "The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality":

You can find this book here:

Amazon offers it for $9.36 [plus shipping], but from independent Amazon sellers you can get it new for as little as $7.00 or used for as little as $3.16


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