I recently read a good fantasy novel with some serious atheism themes in it.

First of all, i am new to the site. Ive ran across it a couple of times while stumbling, and just decided to join. This is my first post, and likely last of the night. If you are into fantasy novels like i am, you should check out this book by a new author.

The book is called The Warded Man/The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett. The reason i am recommending it here is because quite a few times as i was reading it, i remember thinking that the author was quite obviously atheist. The story follows three different people, eventually having them meet. Basically, people caught outside of the protected zones after dark are attacked by demons. Most of the people believe that a higher power will set things right, but "The Warded Man" goes out and fixes things by himself.

As a side note, check out anything and everything from Terry Brooks, he is by far my favorite fantasy author.

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Ohhh Terry Brooks! I've read, like, the entire Sword of Shannara series! Of course, I was 14, so it's been a while. He IS a great author though. Hmmm... never picked up on an Atheist theme in those books, but I was deeply convicted about reading the books; I thought God didn't really approve of the books. Sad. One of them came out when I was living in Nashville and my roomie forbade me from reading the last one...

YAY! I can read Terry Brooks again!
Yeah, Terry Brooks is not atheist, or at least he doesnt show it in his writing. He has a whole word/void thing, but unlike our world, the word and the void actually shows its presence.
I've never really read any Terry Brooks. My favorite fantasy authors are Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin. I have pretty much given up on the genre with the exception of series' that I have already started and have yet to reach their conclusions. I guess there is only so many magic systems and fantasy worlds I could handle before it all started becoming laughable or cliche. What I wish was still being made is some good Science Fiction!


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