It is known that a black hole retains memory of the matter that it inhales, so if our universe 'big banged' from a black hole that had swallowed a previous entire universe- could our present universe be sort of like a recycled copy of the previous universe? Does this 'recycling' program go on infinitely? ..How did the whole thing get started?

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I would imagine same laws, Michel, natural laws won't change. I dunno what bagned laws are. If there is no space and no time then as you say, then everything- including black holes would be non-existent and that a new universe big-banged from nothing. Using the concept of zero dimension is describing the ultra force of gravity (the black hole) where space, time, energy and matter have collapsed into. Some scientists do speculate that a particle (the graviton) that would carry the force of gravity does not exist. They will be looking for that particle when the LCD becomes activated to verify its existence or non-existence. ..And since the gravity force of which a black hole consists does retain memory of the material it swallowed, then how exact of a copy of the previous universe will the new one be? That is why I think possibly the future may have already happened.. in the previous universe event and all the same events are all carried out again into infinity ..but just speculative imagination..
I first learned about black hole memory just over a year ago when Scientist American ( website used to allow members to create their own blogs. A physicist guy (can't remember his name) had written a book and started a blog essentially fearmongering about the flash-up of LCD and the possibility of a mini stable black hole being created that could devour our planet. I made a reply that there is not enough mass in our planet to sustain a black hole and the planet would just puff back out again.. intact. He replied saying indeed a black hole does retain memory of the material it inhales but may not puff back out totally intact.. that is an unknown. I may not be getting the black hole memory part in the right context.. but I am not a physicist anyway. The only website that I could find presently that has info about black hole memory is, there used to be several.
What is the evidence for black holes retaining "memory" of their inhaled matter? I've thought of the same idea of nested universes caused by the bottom of a gravity well like a black hole "popping" if it had so much matter that the energy hit a tipping point, but that couldn't happen with black holes as far as I know since they're not in physical space a hole or well or anything like that. They're just a super-dense planet who's gravity is inescapably strong. There might be some tipping point where one could pop from it's own pressure, but if it did it would explode into normal space, not create new space.

If the universe as far as we know it is cyclic though and eventually recollects into one black hole that contains every bit of matter and energy (like just before the big bang) then it's possible it could just be banging and crunching over and over. There are physics models that both support and refute this idea though, so it's not on the most sound scientific footing.


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