1. Elapsing time in our 3 dimensional universe

2. 1 dimensional time- at the speed of light time stops; matter changes into 1 dimensional particles of energy

3. Non elapsing time- when time and space collapses into a zero dimensional state as in a black hole (unless the graviton is proven to exist which would carry the force of gravity). Time from beginning to end of the universe occurs in a non-elapsing state- of superposition.

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I think labour unions invented time in order to negotiate a decent hourly wage for the workers..
All right, Natalie.. a creation of the mind.. Okay. From a rock's perspective time does not exist. Michel expressed 3D time as we are at the point of the arrow of time moving forward (but depending on relative speed). But non-elapsing time in a zero dimensional state of space/time must occur in order for superposition to happen. Superposition must happen to enable quantum computers to function, and scientists have a problem maintaining a superposition state. Anyway I hope they can figure out a solution.
Well, just a few years ago I thought the uncertaincy principle was how farmers counted their chickens before they hatched. Its good to get a few facts of reality in before too much imaginary fiction gets a grip. All beautiful stuff though.. eh?
No I've never seen that book, Michel. I've read some Stephen King, sounds interesting; I'll find a copy.. Merci.

Hi Rick,

String theory posits 10-dimensions to reality. If one existed in the 10th dimension, one would be in simultaneous contact with all points in time and space. Time and space would lose its meaning. In such a holographic universe, all is one and one is all.

At least, that's what Rob Bryanton says.

I'll save you a step and embed the video . . .


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