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Quik questions to force the religious to think.

A popular method of debate especially when engaging christians is to use the sillyness in thier holybooks against them. I normally shy away…

Started by pat

0 Feb 16, 2010

How can creationists argue that which is so apparent?

Because religion trains people to regard anything contrary to the dogma as a test of their faith, or as an attack. They also have been tra…

Started by Morgan Matthew

3 Dec 15, 2009
Reply by Rick Watts

God — The Supernatural Poo-Flinging Primate

God is a sadistic corprophiliac, in addition to being an anti-woman bigot who also orders people killed for breaking the Sabbath or for eng…

Started by Jacqueline Sarah Homan

2 Dec 14, 2009
Reply by Jacqueline Sarah Homan

Excuse #1 - Jesus never promises to answer prayers

Normally this excuse will be phrased with something like, "God is not a big vending machine," or "God is not your personal Genie!" And yet,…

Started by Morgan Matthew

1 Nov 19, 2009
Reply by Jim Stevenson

Evolution is baseless without a good theory of abiogenesis, which it does not have.

1. The theory of evolution applies as long as life exists. How that life came to exist is not relevant to evolution. Claiming that evolutio…

Started by Morgan Matthew

1 Nov 3, 2009
Reply by Kirk Holden

Evolutionists are unwilling to debate creationists.

# The proper venue for debating scientific issues is at science conferences and in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In such a venue, the…

Started by Morgan Matthew

0 Oct 22, 2009

The bible is popular

The Bible is unique in its popularity. It is an all-time best seller, available to 98 percent of the world's population in over 1800 langua…

Started by Morgan Matthew

4 Oct 20, 2009
Reply by Kat Sullivan


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