The Bible is unique in its popularity. It is an all-time best seller, available to 98 percent of the world's population in over 1800 languages. No other book comes close to its circulation figures.

To a significant degree, the Bible achieved its large circulation by conquest, not merit. Native cultures were subjugated or murdered by Christian missionaries, and their works were destroyed.

Even today, many so-called Christians try to force the Bible on others through political dominance; for example, by trying to get it taught in science classes of public schools. They act as though the Bible cannot succeed on its own. This is a reason to reject the Bible, not approve of it. Via

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This will become a We Think Atheist video :]
Hey Morgan, I'm curious about the stat you give in your first paragraph..can you share the source of that statistic and perhaps the details of the study? I wonder, does available mean, physically available to 98% of all people or just translated into 98% of all languages? Or?
Great post- thanks!
Hey yall, check this out...
Whether or not the bible has had a good influence on humanity or not is a real question that needs to be contemplated by the world. I say we would have all been better off without it sticking around as long as it has.


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