I know of no objectively, repeatably demonstrable evidence to support the kinds of claims that people are making about their gods, such as he's loving, he's interested in your diet and sexual habits, he sees you when you're sleeping, is all-powerful but somehow needs money, and so on.

The sentence "God is all-powerful." assigns an attribute to a thing assumed to exist.

I will not grant the assumption that a god exists.

Let's work through your definition and supporting evidence for the existence of the god you're talking about first.  Then, if it turns out you can demonstrate its existence, we can discuss its attributes, sexual preferences and attitudes toward slavery, human sacrifice, and bacon.

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My thinking was to keep the discussion down in the area of the fundamentals, rather than wandering off into the weeds, talking about particular verses in the various holy books... how many angels can fit on the head of pin...


It seems to me that to allow the discussion to encompass higher-level ideas in effect grants the premise that the god exists.


As for the nuggets of "supporting evidence" you suggest, I would evaluate them as follows:


a) Circular.  Appeal to authority.

b) Non sequitur.

c) Argument from ignorance.  Unsupported, and not necessarily related.

d) Argument from ignorance.  Unsupported, and not necessarily related.





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