Because religion trains people to regard anything contrary to the dogma as a test of their faith, or as an attack.

They also have been trained to believe that if they really really believe something hard enough, it can actually come true. Via

Other thoughts? Worthy of a We Think Atheist Video?

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After reading this, I found this article on the same site.

Some of the comments made at the bottom are infuriatingly ridiculous.
They do use our arguments against religion to their advantage and even as proof that they are right! Yes, they do use it as an actual test of faith, but they also use the "end of the world" argument to say that in "end times" there is going to be a rift between those that believe and those that wont. The rise of atheism now is seen as a vivid proof that the "end days" are upon us and that we should go straight to church, pay the pastor and pray.
Apparently the fundamentalists can be scammed by fraud artists without too much trouble but yet they totally deny any facts about evolution.


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