A 4yr. old girl getting passed around as a sex toy by grown men. Beaten,tortured and thrown in a wooded area like a bag of trash. VERY GRAND Good job GOD!

If you can Convince me on how that was a "GRAND" plan and how it will benefit the world I will GLADLY denounce my atheism and become a believer again.

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One of my uncles was a soldier in the Korean war, what he witnessed -he did not elaborate- caused him to believe there could not be a God.. who would allow "that" to happen, whatever it was that he had seen.
You know, the reason "miracles" are known as such is because they're that, miracles. They're the one in a million, and what about the other 999,999 cases? Do we just forget about those? What about all those cases like the one you mentioned above? To think that Christians can call us narrow minded is just ludicrous.

Pretty brutal and twisted plan for an omnipotent being. What is it like 99% of all species that have ever existed on earth have gone into extinction. Animals in the wild constantly being killed and eaten and hunted by each other, us having been a part of that for most of our evolution.

And what exactly is his plan? Why exactly can't he let us in on it when it includes us. And we're apparently to suffer, die or kill for it. Sounds like a BS plan to me. Sounds like he don't wanna tell us cause we're not gonna like it or he's actually just winging it and it's his first time and he wants to impress the folks and it's not coming along real well.

So he says to us, "Look, I've got a plan, just... just play along and act like you're happy (cause you are of course) with what I've done so far. Oh and you need to kill or convert those who aren't cool with my plan or don't believe there's one." Of course this is just to cover up how shit it's all going.

Anyway, all that assuming this omnipotent being exist. Why hasn't he given us better prove of his existence anyway? What's with all the mystery and stuff? Eh, the questions could go on and on and on.

He's doing a pretty shit job for a being who's all powerful, and waaay too many excuses being made in his defense.


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