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Dale McGowan has a really good list in his website.





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One additional book:

The Magic of reality by RIchard Dawkins. I bought it for my 6 year old and it is still a bit advanced, I would imagine it would work really well for a 9 or 10 year old.

I really enjoyed reading it too!

Great book! I also purchased the book for my six year old boy and the audio, so he can follow along. It’s such a pleasant listen, Richard and his wife did an excellent job. I do agree that it might be more suitable for older children.

Secondeded. In addition, if you have an iPad, think about picking up the iPadd version of the book. It has everything that the dead tree version does, plus commentary pieces by Richard Dawkins and a number of little mini-games that help the reader (child or otherwise) to better grasp the concept being discussed.

Parenting Beyond Belief, compiled by McGowan, was a great read, with many different points of view on how to deal with a number of situations like the death of a loved one, the pledge in school, the boy scouts, and explaining to your child why all of his or her friends are religious.  I would recommend it.


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