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Man, everytime I watch this My heart races. I'm glad my mom was always open to different religions.
No wonder people are so screwed up.
Wow, they usually crack when denied xmas presents.
Wow, my mom has always said , "ok you'll believe someday" or something along those lines. This is crazy. How can she act like that? Just boggles my mind.
What?! no more presents for christmas? Ok I'll believe again.
I wonder how'd she'd react if he told her he was gay.
I've seen this before! My mom's reaction was one of~you'll believe in Jesus again! I've had doubts before but I just put those silly things out of my mind....Well, It's been over 16 years and I haven't looked back! My parents are actually pretty cool about the whole thing....I didn't grow up in an overly religious family, my parents didn't go to church but we did go to Sunday School when we were little. I do have a sister though, that refuses to have anything to do with me or my kids because she feels like having a relationship with me is a straight up ticket to HELL! She's even gone as far as not talking to our parents and our other 2 siblings because they have a relationship with me...I feel esp bad for my mother because she's caught in the middle of my sister's nonsense. :(
Christmas is not about Jesus Christ. Christmas is a Pagan holiday Christians stole, just like Easter and Halloween. Give it up lady. No wonder he doesn't believe in God-- the jerk gave him a batshit crazy mother if he did exist.
Oh my GOD!  that poor kid!  WTF is wrong with people?  I share a country with millions like her, though, that's downright scary.
I'm 28 and my parents still react like this when I tell them I don't believe. It has gotten to the point where I let them have their quiet denial, I don't want them to give themselves an ulcer.


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