This is the start of the Nativity Scene on Base. What I was wondering if I have any leverage to try to get it scaled down or taken down with the Seperation of Church and States Guidelines for the military?

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which fucking base is this? The law is clear in civilian publically owned settings. If there is a community free for all with any group, religious or not, putting up icons, signs or lights, then it is legal. Those fucking alleged baby gods and winged primates are totally illegal and so is the fucking Chapel of Hope itself. It should have a sign Religious Accomodations Here. Military Chaplaincy is supposed to be totally driven by the service member request to the chaplain. Usually facilitating bereavement and medical emergency leave arrangements. Do on base weddings, baptisms that can not be done by the service member taking leave all the way back home. Some body make an American Atheist Veterans Sign that says Equal Opportunity for all faiths and no faith here or its an establishment of a religion. Violates Article 6 too of the US Constitution. That's what we signed up for, to defend the Constitution, not fight for alleged baby gods and virgins having birth in a dirty stable
The Bill of rights, article III (we are taught 1st Amendment to the constitution) says
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"
Please notice it says "establishment of religion" - Not establishment of A religion.
So, since Congress passes the budget, it probably cannot pay for any religious icons. But, neither can it deny it's military reasonable access to their religion.
Since the military are a "captive" audience, it is not unreasonable to expect that they, the chaplinary, can put up religious symbols at the governments expense. But, to prevent establishing religion, any and all religions or lack thereof MUST be acknowledged equally if requested.
The only time something like this should not be allowed is if the base would refuse to put up an atheists Winter Solstice display, or in some way make it less visible/nice looking.
If you don't celebrate any atheist holiday, or don't have the balls to stand for your holiday, then don't try to rail against someone else's holiday.

In this case I would say anger toward the display is bigotry towards the religion and as unwelcome as the rights bigotry towards us atheists. If you are intolerant then you can't bitch about their intolerance.

And besides, we should all know that good guys finish last. Stand for your beliefs, don't just bitch about the other guy. Get your beliefs out there in the "market" place and see how you do.


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