At work I prolly get about 30-50 emails a day and some of them directly affect me and some dont. Most of the time I just delete the ones that dont affect me. Today right before I was getting ready to leave work. The CO sent an email to the entire command and it was titled "A free movie for your marriage." Now as some people may know, that I am getting ready to get married as soon as I can the paper work in order. So I open the email and read it, but there are no real details in the email just where and when. So, I do a Google search on the movie and I click into the link. Its fucking Kirk Cameron in "Fireproof". I groaned and deleted the email. How can the CO say "It's a great movie and anyone intrested in strengthing thier marriage should go see it."?

Would this piss off anyone else that CO sent this email or is it just me?

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Is your CO religious? Did your CO know the movie was religious?

Or was this just an auto-forward, since it appeared to be something the troops might find useful?
"Auto-forward" might have been the wrong term. I was implying that type of person that takes the recommendation of the person they got the email from, clicks forward, and adds a sentence of their own in support. Essentially stamping their seal of approval blindly, based on the opinion of the source they got it from.

I've not seen the movie, but know it has some religious overtones in it; add Kirk to the mix and I'm not at all interested. I think I might be a little annoyed by the endorsement coming from the CO. I can see the forward to inform everyone of a "free showing;" but the endorsement seems odd. If I had a good relationship with my CO, I might question her to see if she had actually seen the movie.

I guess a couple perspective questions... Is your CO christian/religious? Does she know you are not? Do you feel this is worthwhile to pursue with her?
Yea, a little annoying; but sounds like its probably not worth stirring up trouble over.
Since he sent it to the entire command (covering has ass possibly), I'd say just ignore it. If he'd sent it directly to you...another story altogether, one that the BCO and IG might end up involved in, as it conflicts with the UCMJ policy about proselytizing to those under your command.

Maybe you should send out a call to the entire command:

Let's all remember the 3 M's of leadership
My Mission
My Men
Myself (and, by extension, my beliefs)
I'd be PO'd too.
Wonder what the troops would do if it had been a film about the joys of being an Atheist?
Unless they are forcing religion down your throat I'd just blow it off.
Of course, you can send a an anonymous message to the IG or the EO office if you're upset with receiving it.
I myself might look at covering yourself in pasta and sauce, saying your a Pastafarian and you took the e-mail as a direct insult to your religious beliefs then throw meatballs at the CO.
Just a suggestion....
I'd be PO'd also. Enough to do anything? Depends, if they keep coming I would do something. If this is the only one you ever get then maybe it's not worth fighting.


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