Please introduce yourself with as much or as little information as you would like to share.

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I lived until about 5 yrs old with no religion except my grandmother singing Onward Cristian Soldiers an stuff like that. When I was 5 my grandmother convinced my parents I should experience religion. They took me to church then came Sunday school. I guess I would say I was fortunate enough to be molested at 4 yrs old, so that when the 17 yr old Sunday school leader showed me a picture of a hairy old man dressed like my grand mother... Well I don't remember what came out of my mouth, I really knew my x rated explicatives by then, but in the short meeting with the priest, my parents were told I wasn't welcome at Sunday school anymore. I would pay alot to know what that 5 yr old said that was sooo efective.

Grand Rapids, born and raised.


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