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Hi. I grew up in Lansing, was a baptized, auxillary pioneer, jehovah’s witness until my early 20’s. At that time I stumbled upon some … doubts… about whether or not I was in the “one true religion”. I prayed &asked for god to give me a sign. I believed he did because I found a King James bible in the lady’s room one day. That is when I decided to leave the witnesses. I moved on to an apostolic pentacostal church. My first visit to the apostolic church stunned me! There were people speaking in tongues, jumping up and down, hands in the air, dancing, praising god??? The music was gospel and very moving. I was scared to death. But I thought I felt god’s presense. I stayed there for several years. Finally I felt the holy ghost, became baptized, leader of the women’s group, and a Sunday school teacher. Well eventually things didn’t sit well with me there either. I started having doubts again. I also started having anger towards god. i hated him for not showing himself to me and for all these bad things happening in the world. Then 9/11 happened and that was it. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I think I researched religion for a full year before it finally hit me that god does not even exist.

You've really been through a lot!

I checked out where Odessa is. You might be interested in CFI MI in the Grand Rapids and Lansing areas and MMAH in Lansing. Lots of interesting activities and friendly, godfree people in both groups.

Hi, I am a High school atheist from Ann Arbor, MI. I am the only atheist in a family of liberal Christians. My parents accept me "somewhat" but it is really my twin sister who understands me the most. I go to a college prep school where 95% of the population is Christian, but I make it through. When I grow up I want to be a Marine Biologist or a Doctor. I joined so I could meet people like me from the same state and discuss important topics or anything.
I lived until about 5 yrs old with no religion except my grandmother singing Onward Cristian Soldiers an stuff like that. When I was 5 my grandmother convinced my parents I should experience religion. They took me to church then came Sunday school. I guess I would say I was fortunate enough to be molested at 4 yrs old, so that when the 17 yr old Sunday school leader showed me a picture of a hairy old man dressed like my grand mother... Well I don't remember what came out of my mouth, I really knew my x rated explicatives by then, but in the short meeting with the priest, my parents were told I wasn't welcome at Sunday school anymore. I would pay alot to know what that 5 yr old said that was sooo efective.

Grand Rapids, born and raised.


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