David Scott Mustaine is a respected artist and one of the greatest guitarists of all times. When such a man makes a public declaration that he would not appear with any band that is seen as black metal or satanic, people do take notice. Mustaine who has written songs like the Prince of Darkness has fallen for the Pascal's wager in the final years of his life. Fear of death can surely drive people do the most stupidest of things. This is the same guy who in an 1987 interview said "sitting in a class with religious people who say, 'Brother, can I have a pencil?' wasn't for me. I said to them 'Fuck you, get your own pencil!' ". Mustaine's parents were Jehovah's Witness members, but he being distant from them was never influenced by Jehovah Witness in his early years. Guess JW caught up with him eventually.


"Find your peace, find your say, find the smooth road in your way
trust you gave, a child to save, left you cold and him in grave... "  - The God that failed (1991)

David Scott "Dave" MustaineDavid Scott "Dave" Mustaine

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