I'm not normally big on faith rock, especially of the "wonders of his miracles" style, but Flyleaf seems hard-edged and generic on the religion enough to get me to like them.  I dig the new song on the radio "Again".  Anybody else like Flyleaf?

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I've tried to like them, but no. Especially not after seeing them in concert w/Seether a couple years ago. The lead singer, she just had to bring up Jeebus. Sigh.
LOL. I guess that would be a turn off.

Most nu-metal is actually pretty darn wimpy and generic, and I guess Flyleaf fits the category of accessible. But I'm not terribly picky. I think with nu-metal, I tend to like Disturbed and Tool, but I would rather be listening to Slipknot and Dimmu Borgir.

Just a little, that and I just don't like her voice.


I do like me some Disturbed though. :D

Nope. But it has nothing to do with the Xian thing. :-)

LOL. Well excuse me.
I love Flyleaf's instrumentation and the vocalist's style, just not the lyrics! I'm also a huge fan of Chevelle--great band all around, I look past the religious detail.
Ooh. I love Jars from Chevelle.
Yeah, I feel exactly like you do. I started a group on facebook called "Atheist Flyleaf Fans" to talk about the lyrics and stuff, but no one joined except for the buddy that introduced me to the band.


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