Strange..this god person kills off so many of the people/women that believe in him/her in Africa because they are so poor, yet people in the west are living longer than ever before AND attendances at churches in the west (at least in the UK) are falling!! Answers on a postcard please!      

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Hi Jean Marie.. I guess it was a tongue in cheek question, perhaps not worded as I should have, but it was to make the point that yes.. there is no god, otherwise this would not be happening.
Perhaps I should have written "answers on a postage stamp" rather than "on a postcard!" I asked a man, a father of 4 children in Liberia, what he would think if his wife died in childbirth and he said "I would accept it as god's will" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Another man, a church minister lost his first wife to cancer in 2005, leaving him with two children, his second wife and baby died of eclampsia in 2007, 6months before our medications started going there and then 2yrs ago, his son died from malaria. He looked broken... I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with him and asked how he was able to rationalise his beliefs with what had happened to him and his family... he just looked at me blankly.
Hi again Jean Marie.. sorry to be so thick, but I can't see start a thread anywhere.. only add a discussion. Am I missing something? Thanksx
Why does god let so many women die in Africa and not in the west?

Because western women can afford to tithe...
Thanks Jean Marie.. not difficult to confuse me!!
Another story coming up.. I was due to travel to Somaliland in Nov 2008 to set up the provision of the medications, but a security incident meant we had to cancel. We have a large Somali Diaspora community here in Cardiff and they had asked me to begin providing the medications and they were going to pay for my visit. I had also met a Somali guy called Kayse who was based in Bristol who knew what our organisation were doing. I took advice on the situation from the Royal College of Obs/Gyn who travel to Somaliland to provide training for clinical staff. I was told that the staff are trained in using the medications but don't have them.. like so many other places! We took the chance and shipped out the Magnesium Sulphate and Misoprostol. A week after the meds arrived I had a call from Kayse in Bristol saying "Angela my sister is very sick back in Hargeisa.. her baby is already dead and she is coming out of a coma.. what do you think?" I told him I wasn't an Obs consultant or a midwife but if she was coming out of a coma, then she must have had medication otherwise she would have been dead. He said "I am going to ring Hargeisa to find out what has happened and I will ring you back." 15mins later he rang back.. his sister had eclampsia. The Dr told his brother that medicines had arrived from the UK, were at the central hospital and he was to go and get some which he did. Turns out his sister was the first person in Somaliland to receive our medications. We were both crying! I can't begin to tell you what he promised god would do for me and my family!!
Hi Jean Marie.. the maternal mortality rates in the US are double that of the UK. It is very, very rare here to come across a woman who has not had ante-natal care. In our area's university hospital which delivers around 7000 women a year, we have lost 4 women in 12years. Two were high risk and another had an amniotic embolism which is totally unpredictable.

Another Africa story.. in 2007 I visited Chad for the second time. Chad had NEVER had Magnesium Sulphate available We met a woman who had been admitted with a BP of 260/110. She looked terrible having been brought about 90miles on the back of a van. It was her 9th pregnancy but she had had 2 miscarriages and had lost a child at 5months to malaria. She was to have a tubal ligation at a C/Section once her BP was brought under control. As we went into her room, the midwives brought in the Magnesium Sulphate which we had shipped out and gave it to her. Her husband was sat on the floor and looked surprised as two white women and a red-haired man walked in. The midwives told us that the women also had malaria but the family had no money to pay for the medication so we put our hands in our bags and came up with the money. The midwives told the husband to go and get the medicines... he alooked shocked and confused (Chad is french speaking) and didn't know whether to hug us or run... we told him to go and get the medicines and then we would talk to him. He came back and told us the family's story. This was Wednesday.. by Friday her BP was down to 200/100, then by Monday she was up and about. On Wednesday, the fetal heart was being lost and they wanted to take her for C/Section but they didn't have the money to pay for the IV fluids, so we gave it. By the time the baby was out it had died but the husband told us that despite his sadness, he was happy and grateful that he was going to be able to take his wife home to the 5 children. Again.. we were showered with what god was going to do for us!
People ask me why I do this.. in the face of such a huge task. I believe that for generations, the west has robbed Africa of its mineral resources and its human resources. Our NHS has only continued to survive because of staff being creamed off countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda... you name it! We owe Africa BIG TIME and I believe that the Millennium Development Goals are payback time.. I don't know whether L'Oreal has an advertising campaign in the US where celebs say at the end.. "It's because you're worth it".. well I also say the reason I do this is the L'Oreal Effect.. "It's because they're worth it!"
Jean Marie.. sorry I didn't answer your question. No I haven't read The River or seen the film "The Origins of AIDS." I will look them up. You don't need me to tell you that HIV/AIDS is a major problem in Africa although Uganda has reduced significantly the numbers affected. I was asked by Professor George Gage, to present what we do in the charity to a health awareness workshop for young people in Freetown in Feb 2009. Some of the youngsters were quite arrogant in saying that theirv friends had told them there was no such thing as AIDS! I told them that in my country, every pregnany woman is tested.. did they think the Government would wate money doing that if AIDS didn't exist? I also told them of a high risk needstick injury I had sufferd in 1998, baby was Hep C+ve, mother IV drug abuser who had disappeared. At that time there was no quick test. I had to have bloods taken, wait 6months, have more blood taken then wait 10days for the result. I asked the young man why I would have been put through that if there was no such thing as AIDS. As I told him the story, he looked less and less arrogant! AS they all left, he came over and shook my hand and thanked me. I told him to go back to his friends and tell them that story. I hope he did! Ironically, I was told that in Sierra Leone there are many priests and nuns who are HIV+ve and with AIDS! They will obviously break the celibacy rule, but not the condom rule!! If it wasn't so sad, I would laugh!
This whole situation makes me so mad and without seeming to be sexist, I truly believe that if 550,000 men were dying every year, something would have been done by now. It is the desperately low status of women in the developing world that is the cause of this. They are expendable, undervalued and even treated appallingly by hospital staff. I witnessed the worst form in Liberia's JFK Hospital in the capital Monrovia. I had to leave before I lost my cool at how the women were being spoken to and handled. In the West, staff would, quite rightly have been suspended and dismissed for gross misconduct if they treated patients in this way. Women accept being treated this way because they don't think they are worthy of being treated with respect. Yet in poorer countries women produce 70% of the wealth. Domestic violence is a huge problem.. moreso than in the west. When women know you are a nurse.. of any sort, they come to you with every pain and ailment. If you ask "has anyone hit you?" they clam up. We have to empower women, but first we have to keep them alive! To let these women die, costs the world $15billion a year in lost productivity, having to take children out of school (usually girls) to look after the families, or to care for orphans. To put measures in place, such as those by our charity to prevent women dying in such numbers would only cost $5billion. If we don't save these women on humanitarian grounds, we must do it on economic grounds. The woman in Afghanistan or Sierra Leone won't really care why she has been saved, she will just be glad that she has! In many countries where maternal mortality has been addressed and reduced, women are having smaller families. They are taking control of their fertility. If we save a woman we not only save a life, but we save a family and a community. Women hold up "Half the Sky" a Chinese proverb and title of the wonderful Nicolas Kristof's book!
Hi Jean Marie.. I have just joined and commented on that group.. thanks!
Hi Jean Marie.. it has had that effect on me since it all began in 2005. Things which would have bothered me, now just don't phase me! I did start to lose my temper recently when I was waiting for a train. I was way too early for the train, so I bought a coffee and a paper. A man approached me, to ask whether he could sit down and then asked where I was going.. I told him and he asked why. I explained that I had a meeting to do with a charity I ran. He immediately said "So you're a christian woman then?" I said sharply and immediately, "No I am not, I am an atheist and why do you people think someone has to be a christian to do something good for another human being?" He looked a bit shocked. He then asked why I didn't believe and I told him I had no reason to believe! After a while he tried to push a small parcel to me across the table saying "I know you don't believe, but I would like you to accept this." When I asked what it was, he said it was the New Testament!! I pushed it back to him and said I didn't want it.. he tried again, so I told him I was thoroughly insulted to think that he thought my life was lacking in some way. He started to get up.. he could see I was upset and angry. "I wouldn't want to insult you" he said as he backed away and I told him again that he had and that I wouldn't approach him and try to force my beliefs on him. He didn't go to catch a train. I am now so convinced that these sad people target those who are alone, minding their own business. It makes my blood boil!!
I am so angry about the pope coming to the UK that I am going to London's Hyde Park on 18th Sept to demonstrate while he is saying mass! So if I go quiet on TA, it means I've been arrested! Another story.. 3yrs ago, I had a sudden urge to go to Rome. I had never been before. My husband was shocked but we went anyway, for 5days. I wanted to rid myself of the last demon by seeing where my family's money had gone when we were all young. I told my work colleagues that if they see on the news that a greying welsh woman has chained herself to a statue shouting "This belongs to my family!" It will be me! I sent a text to some of our friends as we queued for St Peter's.. he was in France and he sent a text back that they had just had a clap of thunder and lightning!! I was in awe of the the skills of the artists and sculptors but the obscenity of the vaticans assets and what we could do with a fraction of it really upset me. I thought of my son's comments to his teacher, which I related to you in a previous comment. It is just overwhelming and the corridors stashed with jewels.. all sorts just made me furious!!


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