Anemia is reduce of the red cell mass due to a lowering in the Hb conc or the RBC count 


  Types of anemia ::  


 1- Iron deficiency 


 In Laboratory there is many results for Iron deficiency anemia ,

Mcv : low

MCH : low

RDW : High

RBCs Count : low

S.Iron : low

S.Ferritin: low  


2. Thalassemia. 


  In Laboratory there is many results for Thalassemia,


MCV : Very low

MCH : low

 RDW : High

 RBCs count :High

S.Iron : Normal

S..Ferritin : Normal  


3- Sickle cell anemia . 

  In Laboratory there is many results for Sickle cell anemia  ,


MCV : Normal

MCH :Normal

RDW : Normal

RBCs Count : Normal

S.Iron : Normal

S..Ferritin : Normal

Sickle cell preparation : Positive    

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Thanks Jean Marie ,
But i do not copy it !!! ..
I write it directly to the group ,but i do not know how to change his color as i can not find color format in the format options.
Thanks for your help ...
Hello Jean Marie

decrease in MCV and MCH mean that there is aproblem
in RBCs so if RBCs low and MCV , MCH low so there is
an iron defficiency anemia , and sometimes the RBCs is
normal and MCV , MCH low so there is anemia but not so
danger .

Yes i am from egypt , and from my little exprience
there is an increase in Sickle cell anemia in children
specially for new born child more than thalassemia
,last week in the hospital where i work there is anew
born child have HB 5.1 and have severe hemolysis
..this cases occur for about 30 % of new born here
.this is due to about 70 % of women here have anemia
between 9-11 during pregnancy ..

thanks for you Jean Marie ...

i am so happy to talk wuith you ^_^...
Hello Jean Marie ,

i was working as medical analysis specialist and responsible for alaboratory in ahospital in my country ...
i work in all department in the lab as hematology ,microbiology,chemistry,immunloogy and para sitology .

the child is alife thanks for god , he is fine now , we tranffere to it blood to solve the problem of hemolysis ,and now he is ok ,, this proplem in my opinion due to bad diet for mother and also the baby was born at 7 month only ,, and this is also acommon problem here ...

now we do not have malaria in egypt , one day a doctor said to me that he saw only one case of malaria during his long history of workiing in medical analysis and the case is coming from out side egypt , he got the infection from out side the country ... But malaria is ended from egypt from about 40 years ago ...

Have anice night Jean ...
Hello Jean Marie ,

your post make me Smile ^_^ lol ..
Firstly ,Sorry for my poor english ^_^.
I am not atheist , i am muslim girl from areligous
country and religous family .

I know the ning networks from a christian friend ,She
invite me to his group about christinity in this
network .

And by luck when i was searching on ning sites i found
this group (think atheist ) ...

As i am from religiuos country so the atheism is
avery strange idea .it is not accepted absolutely for
me ..

So i was surprised by the idea of atheism .^_^ ..
I found my self signing up in this group . and still
sharing for about few month and then iwas very busy in
my exams and then my diploma study then have my job,
all these thing make me can not enter to the internet
..before amonth i back to the internet ^_^ ..

By the way , i am aperson like to know any thing
strange ,i found my self interested to lock around in
this group to know you more....

I think the believer who enter here go way because
they enter for trying to talk with people her about
belief of religion, and when they did not find any
responce they leave .

I think The Religious man found his self in the right
way and the atheism is Fatal idea , and on the other
side the atheist is the same , the two found the
happiness and Peace of mind in his way ^_^ ....
To change any of them from his way ,is very hard and
need Patience and large knowledge about the other
believe ...

So why we do not live with us in peace and it is
not bad for me as muslim to know what is atheism , and
for you is not bad to know islam ..
It is very easy to life in peace and share many things
with the others .

about your question (if the baby did not get special
medical care, the baby would not have lived, god or no
god, right?)

Yes right if the baby do not take the medical care he " might " be die if allah want that , but allah who made this medical.
We muslims believe that the doctor is only the reason
of allah desire ,
Allah said in the holy quran ::
وَمَا تَشَاءُونَ إِلَّا أَنْ يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمًا (30)
But you cannot so wish unless ALLAH so wills. Verily, ALLAH is All-Knowing, Wise. (30)

many times in the hospital i work the
doctors make all there best to help patients but he is
dye !!! why !! the medicine is right and the doctors
make everything right ... it is allah desire ..

Sorry for long reply ..^_^....
" birth control " did you mean to Force the child birth ?

No it is not common here and i never here about it .

But in one time i here a woman ask a religion man ( we called him Shikh ) about that she have ababy and the doctor told him that he will born with danger Birth defects , and she wants to Abort him ..
The shikh told him that if the baby have less than 40 dayes and the doctors are sure about these defects ,so here she can abort him ....

Did you mean any other meaning for " birth control " ? Sorry but i think i do not understand the meaning of the words Specifically you mean ..
"birth control" Oh yes now i understand ^_^ ..

Yes it is common here , all married women take it .
But after the first birth ,that is mean the woman marry then be pregnant and have the first baby , then make birth control for about 3 or 4 years then stop birth control to have another baby ( I know this information from my mother ...

About your 6 question i Will try to answer them clearly ...I read all of tjem and i think all of them around about one base of islamic believe .... i will translate your questions well and reply for it ...

Have anice night dear ...
Hello my dear friend Jean ...

Thanks dear for your great effort ,

I appreciate your effort . but i try to write by rabic
then begin to translate it word by word from google
translation but google give me many
translation of the word !!! a i do not know why !?
But i think about something . i will try to write as i
can and put links of islamic sites explain Clarity
( google give me 14 translation of this word

^_^ ... sorry ...

But i do not have many time for that i have about 45
minutes to write to you the last reply .i will try
sure , Excuse me if i can not explain you what i
believe good ...

The translation by the word is not translation ..
you can look to the arabic words for the Question
3).and Question 2). i know you can not understand it
but take it by the look ,,,,, they are similar ..^_^ .
this is not translation this is a message from the
word ..

this is goole translation of this message ::

Because of the complexity of human language and the
possibility of a number of different translations and
interpretations of specific words and phrases, there
are limits in verse translations and 0 Orldlinjula
Accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the
translation and disclaims any responsibility for the
claims of your use of translation services and

i am sorry jean ...
Thanks Jean ,

Do not worry dear , i am ok thanks for your help ^_^..

i AGREE WITH YOU WITH THE LAST WORDS (Me, i think it is good for us to think about things, especially important things. Even if we never agree, there is no harm in thinking.)

i LOVE TALKING WITH YOU . even about anemia or about our believes ..

Really thank you .. Egypt sickle cell anemia isn't that common.. however thalassemia is much more common
The most common type of anemia in egypt is the iron deficiency anemia as stated by alyaa later :)
Hello Marvel .

Wellcome ^_^..

(thalassemia is much more common ) hmmmmmmmm i will search for that but in the hospital i working we found cases of sickle cell more than thalassemia ...
But iron deficiency anemia is more popular here specially for children..

Thanks for sharing marvel...^_^..
thx for the warm welcome ..i've noticed ur efforts to translate the is a hard language even for the microsoft geeks
i'll try to translate the questions to Alyaa later :)
here are the 6 Qs asked by jean marie translated into arabic .. waiting for ur answers alyaa :))

Did Allah want the baby to be sick and almost dying?
هل اراد الله ان يكون الطفل مريضا ويوشك على الموت؟

Question 2). If Allah did want the baby to live and be healthy, why didn't Allah just prevent the baby from getting sick in the first place?
اذا اراد الله للطفل ان يعيش بصحة جيدة، لماذا لم يقي الله الطفل من المرض منذ البداية؟

Question 3). How do you know that doc's treatments on the baby worked because Allah wanted it to work? Did someone tell you this? How do you know what Allah wants?
كيف تعلمين ان علاج الاطباء قد شفى الطفل لان الله اراد هذا؟؟ هل اخبرك احد بارادة الله؟؟ كيف تعلمين مشيئة الله؟؟

Question 4) What if Allah WANTED the baby to be cured, BUT------- the doc that day was lousy doc, and gave poison by accident and the baby died? Would the wrong treatments still work then? Would the baby be protected from poison? Or, is Allah limited in getting his wishes by how talented that doc that day is?
ماذا لو ان الله اراد للطفل ان يشفى لكن الطبيب في هذا اليوم لم يكن كفء و اعطى للطفل سما بالخطأ و مات الطفل؟ هل سيعمل العلاج الخاطئ في هذه الحالة على علاج الطفل؟ هل سيكون الطفل محمي من السم؟ ام ان مشيئة الله معتمدة على مدي كفاءة الطبيب العامل في هذا اليوم؟

Question 5). ARe you saying that doctors are tools Allah uses to cure the babies he wants cured? What if the doctor is an atheist, will the baby still be cured? Why can't Allah just "BING!!" magically cure the baby even without doctors?
هل تقولين ان الاطباء ادوات يستعملها الله لعلاج الاطفال الذين يريد شفائهم؟ ماذا لوكان هذا الطبيب ملحد، هل سيشفى الطفل مع ذلك؟ لماذا لا يشفى الله الاطفال بدون الحاجة للاطباء وهو من يقول كن فيكون؟

Question 6) Can Allah perform miracles? (most gods of US are thought to be able to perform miracles)
Why can none of the gods cause a person to grow back a new limb? Why does Allah never ever ever ever help amputees?
هل يستطيع الله عمل المعجزات؟ معظم الالهة تستطيع عمل المعجزات..فلماذا تعجز الالهة عن نمو طرف جديد( يد او قدم ) ؟ لماذا لم يساعد الله الذين فقدوا احد اطرافهم؟

these are the 6 Qs...hope they were helpful


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