Ok. This is just for discussing the over all goal of this game. 

Here is what I would like to suggest. 

This is ONLY a suggestion. I leave it open to discussion and modification, if not outright changes where necessary. 


Atheist Commune.


"A thriving community of non-believers dedicated to leaving the world a better place. "


It's simple. It's open to change and evolve. It's easy. 


I'd like to reduce my carbon footprint by providing for MYSELF as much as possible and only resourcing from origins up to my personal ethical standards when it's not possible. 

I want to make a home that I love so much I don't want to leave it to go to 'work' in a 9-5 job. I want my efforts to go to me, with immediate results. I want to cut the middle man out of life, because all it's offering me is another decade of student loan payments. 

I think we are doing it backwards, you know. 

This whole 'society' thing. 

I look around at all these people that I can't feel ANYTHING for because there are so godamned many of them. 

That's not how we evolved as humans. 

The societies with the most altruistic behavior, with the most cooperation and organization had the most abundancy. 

We are tribalistic. That makes us closer to pack animals thank hive insects. We couldn't cram primates into groups larger than their psychology could handle. Hell, my dog's play club even knows better. You know why a male, unaltered, 20 month old Doberman  can play worry free with dogs of all sizes for 10 hours a day? Because they place the animals ranked by personality. Not size. Only one alpha per yard. 

And that was cool back when we were living in villages. Hell, it still works for places all over the globe. I've seen it! 

But I think we could do it better. And I think we need to realize that although we are humans, we are also PRIMATES. 

And if I was setting up a primate environment at the zoo, I'd first study the primate for a long time to learn what it needs and does not need to thrive. I would learn what stresses it. 

So let's study this human species. 

What would our perfect environment be?

Where or how could we most thrive? 



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