This is probably going to be the most difficult idea to develop. There are a ton of variables to consider. Laws. Climate. Taxes. Income Availability.

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In my opinion, the best option would be to actually found our own country. This would mean either getting another country to give us part of itself, or forcing ourselves into a piece of land owned by another country. This would probably mean we wouldn't get the choicest land in the world, more likely some awful little desert or something which is too difficult to live in (hence why the other country was willing to give it up in the first place). The alternative is we purchase used plastic bottles, and tie them together to form a large raft! then float it around the world gathering people to our community... I suppose we could use a boat instead of a plastic bottle raft...


In terms of laws in current countries, most seem to be rather conservative compared to my views... and for the most part they aren't built to help the success of communities. On this note, if all of the atheists in US moved to Australia, they would grossly outnumber the religious. It would be a huge step toward a more freethinking society. (For the record, Australia's population is only about 20-22 million). With more people pressing the Australian government to drop religiosity, we could potentially end up with a country in which our community could live (and would want to live).


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