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I can only speak from my experience but I would recommend watching it. I really enjoyed it and the story is a lot more complex and interesting than simply titans attacking. I can't really say much more or I'd be giving it away. I would say watch up till episode 7-8 and if you aren't hooked then stop watching it.

I enjoyed the gore, the story, and it has a certain 'shock appeal' to it that had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Several anime have made extra special impressions on me.

Story: Blood+

Beautiful art: The Time Promised In Our Early Days

Sexy girls: High School Of The Dead

The artwork of Blood+ could be described as naive at best. In fact, it bothered me at first since my first exposure was with well drawn animes like Cowboy Bebop (another fave), but as time went by and I got into the characters, the art stopped bothering me and it all became about the story line.

The Time Promised In Our Early Days has so many beautiful scenes in it. Frames and sequences that belong in an art museum. The story is dense and difficult to follow. In fact, I'm not sure I could explain it even in broad strokes. But perhaps that's at least in part due to being distracted by the gorgeous animation.

High School Of The Dead is basically about a group of high school teens running away from zombies. I never thought a cartoon could give me a hard on, but the girls in this anime are very well drawn and we frequently get gratuitous upskirt views of the girls, all of whom seem to have gigantic breasts and the tiniest of waists. 

Advice on similar animes I might enjoy appreciated.

High School of the Dead: I must say I laughed at that one! There was this one scene where one of the girls was startled and she turned around suddenly and her boobs jiggled crazily! It was the funniest thing ever! So ridiculous but also entertaining!

If Cage of Eden/ Eden no Ori ever gets made into an anime, it is in a very similar vein to High School of the Dead in terms of genre, tone and sexual dynamic. You may enjoy the manga, but I know that many people who can enjoy anime find manga just doesn't interest them. All the same:

Gantz may be up your alley. If you haven't seen it, the basic premise is that a somewhat self-centred high school student dies, and is revived in a room along with others (including a dog). From that room, he and the others are forced to play a 'game' which turns rather brutal. The game has a points system in which players can revive someone who died in the game, get new weapons, or escape. It's a darker series which is more on the graphic side with sex and violence, but the story is decent and I enjoyed a series where you didn't just take it for granted the 'hero' was going to survive through it all.

Btooom! (despite the stupid name, imo) is another series which I'd give it 50/50 you might enjoy.

More in the vein of Cowboy Bebop, there is Samurai Champloo. If you don't like it within the first or second episode, it's safe to say you don't like it, but it was a pretty widely appreciated series.

How could I forget Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. Along with Cowboy Bebop it was my introduction to anime. Fabulously beautiful renderings.

I'm not very good at picking favourites, but a couple that stand out in my mind at the moment:

I really got into Ergo Proxy at one point, largely because of the world in which it takes place.

For visuals, Tekkonkinkreet is probably the movie which left the strongest impact on me, and it's hard not to like Shiro as a character. Miyazaki/ Ghibli films also rank well -- there's a reason so many people add them as favourites even amongst those who aren't that into animation --, but somehow Tekkon still stands out.

I really love Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (regular Full Metal Alchemist was ok, but not nearly as good as Brotherhood), AngelBeats probably changed the way I look at the world (trust me), Tiger and Bunny is hilarious, and Soul Eater is awesome. 

Of course I have also seen Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and the like. XD

The original Full Metal anime outpaced the development of the manga's plot line, and just sort of ended in its own way to wrap the series up. Eventually the manga did end properly, and my understanding is that Brotherhood was made to reconcile the discrepancy in endings. I watched a bit of it, but it felt like they were glossing over parts of the story which I really liked, perhaps in an effort to not overlap too much of the original animated series.

I'm familiar with the history of the show and the manga.  I'm a huge sap for happy endings, and the ending for Brotherhood was much happier IMHO than the one in the original.  If you have easy access to Brotherhood, I would suggest giving it a go.  While it glosses over some of the stories, it goes into more detail about other ones and brings back characters that are in the glossed over stories.

Sorry, I didn't mean that as an explanation to you, but rather an explanation of why I found both anime series feeling kind of incomplete.

Oh oh!  I wasn't offended at all!  I really appreciate the explanation.  After re reading my post I realize that the tone could be read negatively and I apologize for that.  I was just explaining how I enjoyed both shows but the ending of Brotherhood was happier to me than the other one, so I liked it better XD  I think of all the different FMA stuff (like the Star of Milos and other little movies) not so much like separate stories but more like issues in a Batman comic book. And the original series, while good, is like the Silver Age in comics and everything from Brotherhood is like the New 52, so they are connected and stories from the original have an impact in the current timeline, but things can be different.  XD Does any of that make sense? Or do I just sound crazy? XD

I'm curious how AngelBeats changed the way you look at the world, since, to me, it seems to be just short of outright kiddie porn.


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