Skycomet - Karin (AKA Chibi Vampire)

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Don't forget Gundam Seed
Psh, Gundam Wing is the only Gundam worth mentioning imo.
I would like to retract my statement as I just watched the episode you posted for Gundam Meisters.
lol nice!
Probably Elfen Lied, brilliantly dark series, that or Noein.

For manga it would be hands down, "Blame!".
Ooh. Noein. Lovely series. Although I've only seen the first dvd. LOL.
Oh there are just tons and tons of great the moment probably Ouran High School Host Club (it's silly, but i love it anyway) but I guess that's just because I watched it a lot in the last two or three weeks.
Otherwise there are Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, D.Gray-Man, Loveless, Naruto (I'm surprised noone mentioned that one before), Hetalia: Axis Powers,... the list continues ^-^
Elfenlied actually scares me a little *laughs*
Electric Mouse - There was an entire season of sailor moon not aired in the US. According to the rumor I heard it was because they couldn't edit the "glbtq" themes out. Sailor Moon Stars - I first found out about it when I bought the SM Stars Manga years ago. But if you want to complete the series, you will have to watch it. It's all in subtitles. If you saw the Sailor Moon SuperS series then you can follow it well [even if you saw the dubbed version of SuperS]. Because Sailor Moon StarS finishes off the Queen Nehelenia and the Dead Moon Circus Chapter.
You'll notice that the first episode has to do with the return of Queen Nehelenia [the scary mirror queen from SuperS] to get revenge on Sailor Moon.
Later in the series, however, things really start to pick up and you'll meet a bunch of new [good AND evil] Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Galaxia Eternal Sailor Moon

Sailor Chibi Chibi
My favorite anime hybrid is Mysterious Cities of Gold from the 80s. My favorite full blood anime is either Astroboy 2003 or Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit or Phoenix or Strawberry Marshmallow.
Dragonball and DBZ (GT was too meh), Does invader zim count? and as far as manga goes, Battle Royale. They SO need to make that into an anime
has anyone seen mushi shi its one of the best ive seen
I'm still a rookie when it comes to anime, as I have only seen 9 anime movies. My favourite so far is Byôsoku 5 senchimêtoru (5 Centimeters per second). I loved everything about that one.


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