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Sorry maybe I haven't been exposed to enough anime, but Cowboy Bebop hands down.
Cool! BTW... if you want to get to know more anime go on youtube and type in "anime" [you'll get like a thousand hits] although, most of the anime on youtube is in subtitles because youtube pulls off english language anime as fast as it gets put on.
If you want to watch anime in english... I would suggest this site: [BTW... shhh... don't tell anyone on youtube it's there... we don't want the copyright fascists to go after it!]

That's what I use for watching anime when I am in the mood. The problem is finding things that are actually worth watching. Anime is such a huge form of entertainment that the range of material is just incredible. Also, thinking about it more, Jin-Roh is my favorite anime. "We are wolves disguised as me!"
Several contend for this spot, but Bubble Gum Crisis is always in the top three.

Others that have flirted with the top spots include Giant Robo, El Hazard, Blue Seed, and Lupin III.

Now, if we're including manga as well as anime, then 3x3 Eyes, Guyver, and Lone Wolf and Cub must be mentioned, among others.
Sure... you can include manga! ^_^
My fiance actually got me into anime. I haven't watched a ton yet, but thus far my #1 would have to be DN Angel.
Hands down ghost in the shell!
Which one? Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, or Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society?
all of them really :]
Yeah Elfen Lied the 1st few episodes where great! Another one to mention was gunslinger girl. :]
Don't bother with the second season of Gunslinger Girl... : /

Different animation studio and it's simply not as good...

Elfen Lied is also my favourite probably.
We are featuring Death Note this week! Tune in!


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