The weekly featured anime is to be an english-subbed first episode of any anime that isn't a porno. [Sorry! We have some minors on this site, so no X-rate animes please]. - But anything else will do! ^_^ 


These are the requirements:

1. It has to have English Subtitles with Japanese Audio

2. It must be able to be embeded on the group's homepage

3. You must provide a link


Basically anything goes!


However, any repeats will be scheduled for next year.


I'm really looking forward to your imput because I feel rather awkward choosing them myself, and I can't know that I'm really being objective.


So... what anime do you want to see featured? 

When your anime is accepted, I will post the dates of the week it will be featured. ^_^

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PS... OVA's are okay too. ^_^


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