all the post are about animes and since it has been quite some time since i have actually watched one cant say i know much about them anymore but i do read manga all the time most of them are the violent type like veritas, gamaran, and beelzebub but i do others such as gamble fish and death note just wonder if anyone else out there reads mangas and if so what do you like

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Duh! I <3 Manga! I am currently reading "Yurarra"
By the way, Yurarra is not a "violent manga." [There is far more out there than just violent mangas]. Yurarra is a romantic, supernatural, comedy.
We men do not take kindly to your "romantic comedies", give me explosions and epic battles.
gantz and aiki are good ones although i havent read gantz in some time now veritas is another good one you mentioned and wow man hajime no ippo is probably my favorite manga didnt think i would still like it since it is so old but i do and meghan i dont only read violent ones i just sort of like those the most but i can say if there is any kind of romantic anything in a manga there better be some violence to balance it out otherwise i dont really like it :|
must say that i read lots of manga..some i even forgot to continue reading coz the amount is massive...but lately just

Yotsuba & i
One Piece
Defence Devil
and more...


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