Alright guys, I've got some ideas about how to improve freedom-of-religion in LA, and I'd like to run them by y'all to see what y'all think:

The key thing keeping LA Christians/Catholics in a discriminatory mindset is the school system. Public schools suck, so virtually the only way to get a good education is to go to a Christian school, where kids are led to believe that everyone that matters is Christian. They also give priority registration to Church members (how can they do this???). And they get state funds. I think this could, in theory, be fixed by making private schools nonreligious. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out; I've got a rough sketch of an idea:

First, the academic and religious portions of the schools need to be separated, from a financial/paperwork standpoint. I.e. it needs to be possible for people to enroll in the academic portion without enrolling in the religious portion. In principle a politician could campaign for this idea by saying that it allows poor kids access to a good Christian education by letting them into the religious side without having to pay for the academic side. But really, it would be a secularization of private academia. 

I have lots more ideas, a few of them expanding on this train of thought. Let me know if y'all are interested in discussing it, and we'll discuss it, if only for the sake of interesting discussion.

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In my opinion

If you don't want your kid to be subject to religious bullshit then make sure that they know that it is just that.

If you feel that your child is not getting a good education in the public school then you can simply step in and add to their education yourself. Monitor their work and help them improve yourself. Then you cannot blame the religious school system one way or another. Christian schools are there for only that purpose. to propagate the myth into future generations of non self thinking, mindless wandering sheep who need a shepherd.

Don't settle for less than you deserve for your child. Remember that most of the people around your child are blinded by faith and , well, lies. We shouldn't be forced to enroll our children into bullshit to educate them...we can only make the difference ourselves.

That's just an extreme atheists' point of view tho'.

"Then you cannot blame the religious school system one way or another."

not true. The fact that high class, wealthy, or well-connected people all have private schools to send their kids to makes politicians complacent about public schools ('Why should I push more money into public schools, if it's not my problem?').

And it's especially not true considering Jindal's new voucher program that essentially is a big step towards (and actually IS, to an extent) creating religious public schools. HE IS PAYING FOR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TUITION, HOW IS THAT CONSTITUTIONAL??? Anyway in this new system, vouchers might be okay IF only granted for the student to attend the academic portion of the school.


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