tell us anything you feel comfortable telling. How long have you lived in Louisiana, where you live, any experiences with theists, what you do for a living, etc. Let the group get to know each other a little better.

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I'm 53 years old and I'm a heavy truck parts salesman. I was born and raised in Eunice, Louisiana. I currently live in the Lake Charles area.

Some would say that I was born Catholic, but I got news for em, I was born naked. :)

I've lived all but 10 years of my life in this state.

I have four brothers who are all Christians and although they don't quite understand me ( I'm a little oddball-ish and my passion is games, RPGs, board, card games, etc.) they have more or less come to grips with my atheism, but try not to bring religion up in my presence, because I do love to speak my mind.and I find the main premise of Christianity absolutely absurd.

I started to question the practices of the Roman Catholic Church when I was 11 years old. (Why I did so is for another time to explain, but I can say it was not sexual abuse, thankfully!)

I "became" an agnostic when I was 17 years old, the year my mother died of Hodgkin's Disease. To me, agnosticism was a way to reject my religion without fully understanding atheism. I thought at that time, that atheists denied the existence of a god, which is incorrect. At 27 years of age, I started to read books on skepticism and some philosophy and discovered that atheism is merely a lack of faith, not a denial that gods exist. I've been an atheist ever since.

My main engine on this path that I've chosen is science, a body of knowledge which has error-correcting machinery screwed into it's core. Each of it's claims are tied in with an error bar, which is a constant reminder that we can never attain absolute truth...I like that! :)

My experiences with theists have run the gamut, from out-right hostility, ridicule and bemusement. One theist, after I told him I was an atheist, actually took a couple of steps away from me, as if it might be catching! :) I told him not to worry, that thinking on his own is the only way he'll get close to my "dreaded disease". :) Some are amazed to find that I have 2 bibles in my home. They say that's proof that I'm actually thinking of conversion, but I tell them that If you want to engage the enemy, you need to know your subject. :) Some have told me that I'm going through a phase and that I've "lost my faith". I tell them I threw my faith away a long time ago and who likes to rummage through past garbage?...that's when I experience the hostility. No threats, just smirks, maybe a middle finger comes up every now and again.

Thanks Bryan, for the opportunity to say my 1 or 2 cents...

Gary Bergeron

Any time bro. Guess I might as well give my piece. After all I guess I am the host here.

I'm 40 years old and although I went to church with family (pentecostal and non-denom. mostly), I never could buy the crap. The story always had to many hole in it. I'm unemployed, yay! I got layed off, then went to college for radiology til they screwed up my finances. Now I'm a bum, living on savings from my last jewelery store heist. Gonna have to either go back to work soon or break out the old ski mask.

I don't argue with theists much as I have a wonderful temper and no governor on what I will say. I have my facts on what I believe and why I believe it but my delivery needs work. If your thick about excepting a fact then I'm happy to inform you that your being willfully ignorant or your lacking the mental skills to grasp the concepts of science.

I have live in Louisiana all my life. I used to live near La Place but now I live in West Monroe. I feel like I need to move north a few states. I'm tired of living here because it seems it fails at education, jobs, things to do in your free time, and the people are nuts!

Ok guys I'm freakin done. I feel like I just wrote an add for a dating site. I'm out for now, have a good one and don't let the smooth taste fool you.


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