I know this is silly. But...

I've got this ball cap that an ex-girlfriend bought me that reads: "Thank the gods I'm an Atheist". The ATHEIST part being in large letters and the others are smaller and harder to read. So I figure most people who glance at it casually just read the word ATHEIST and see the little symbol of an atom in the center. So here's the weird part: I've noticed that whenever I wear this hat around town, a get scornful looks from people. Seriously, it's weird. It's as if I'm wearing a shirt that says, "I fuck goats" or something. People are often visibly offended.

So I started conducting a little experiment.

I sometimes buy sardonic t-shirts from places like goodwill and out of the closet. I especially look for religiously themed t's. I've found some beautiful pieces this way.

Anyway, whenever I'm out and about with one of these religious shirts on, I get compliments on how pretty the design is. Or if not outright compliments, then smiles and knowing nods.

I've really started paying attention to the reactions from strangers and it's not just paranoia. People treat me better when they think I'm a Christian. If you don't believe me, you should see the reaction I get when someone asks me where I attend church and I tell them I'm actually an atheist. It's as if I've just slapped their child.

And the Christians are always going on about how they are persecuted. Hmm.

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