Please allow me to start by saying: I am shocked and amazed at the power of lobbying. I am amazed that people's actions actually CAN and DO create change. It's one thing to talk about this in theory and say, "We all have these rights and so we should use them...."

Well, things just got real.

I am guilty of pessimism about our government. If you had asked me (say) 6 months ago if I had any "faith" in the power of standing up for what I believe in (aka lobbying, or activism), I probably would have said, "no effing way!" Our government doesn't give a shit about me."

The power that we hold as individuals is tremendous. I hesitate to tell you the details because they are very personal to me. But for sake of this discussion I will say that for the first time in my life, there has been a change in vibe of legislation has has impacted me personally. It has just made my life, and quality of life significantly better. It has allowed me to become safe again. It has restored my sense of freedom. It has allowed me to TRULY hold my head up high and have the security that there is no more looming crisis. It has allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief, and know that there are people looking out for me. It has made me (dare I say) proud to live where I live, and feel fortunate that my story has been heard, validated, and taken seriously.

Powerful stuff.

"Why now after all this time?"

"Why didn't they do something BEFORE I reasoned to put it behind me?"

I have an answer to those questions. They didn't do anything before, because the people didn't make their voices heard strong enough that they wanted it. Now that they have, my life is forever changed. 

Could the answers be really that simple?

Evidence suggests that they are. Historically, leaders make decisions that are based off what will get them re-elected. We've come to think that this means we are powerless. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. It gives us ALL the power! If they want to get re-elected they have to make us happy. So therefore they must do what WE say!

The problem is that our voices are not strong enough. 

Today I celebrate the end of an era. I celebrate a victory that I can't describe. I celebrate something that I never thought would happen. I celebrate what feels like the greatest relief of my life. I celebrate something that I could never have prepared for. There's nothing I could have done to prepare for this moment. 

I am humbled. And so all I can say is thank you. Thank you to anyone who supported the cause to end violence against women. No matter what level you acted on, your efforts are a part of the victory I am celebrating today. Thank you to all the women, and MEN who stand up against sexual assault and any form of sexual violence. Thank you because your efforts have started to pay off. Thank you for standing up against these acts, even when it may not have affected you personally. You just helped someone like me. You did help me. It is because of you that I feel victorious today. It is because of you that what happened to me today was even possible. Thank you.

Thank you Thank you Thank you....

Justice is not served because our leaders decide to serve it up like hot lunch. Justice is served because WE the people make it happen. 

Justice was served today.

The man who almost killed me is locked up...and will be for a very....very long time

Why did this happen now? Because the people wanted it. Legislation made this happen. YOU made this happen. The backlog of rape kits is being addressed. Women's experiences are being heard. Mine is being heard. We are getting help.

Thank you!!

I can't stop crying happy tears, thank you!!!

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Recalling the starry-eyed little girl who first came on TA 3 years ago, with the resolve to convert us all to Christianity, I have to say - you've come a long way, Baby --!

Recalling the stubborn Pajarito that was my first friend on the site....I probably would have left almost immediately had it not been for you......glad you're back :)

I like to drop by from time to time, just to check on you and see that you're staying out of trouble. And churches.

Out of churches, yes. Out of trouble? that's open to interpretation, jajaja...jk

Jee, jee, jee --

I didn't know that Spanish laughter experienced a phonetic shift...ha! who knew? ;)

That's great Belle! you got your justice!. Keep believing you can make a difference because it's people like you that often do. All the best :)

Here's another cause for you Belle, and anyone else who wishes to take up the challenge by writing to your Congressional Representatives and Senators:

Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act: The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (S 667) would penalize states for severing ties with religious child welfare service providers who engage in discriminatory actions and cite sincerely held religious beliefs. This would allow for government money to continue to go to organizations who would deny children services or family placements if they cite religion as an excuse.


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