Outrageous!!!! - Please sign this petition to hold this church accountable....

This is the video:


Cate Dobbins wants a word with the head of the church that put up a homophobic sign in her neighborhood, but so far the pastor has ignored her request.

Dobbins started an online petition on Friday, calling on the First Conservative Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, to remove a sign on its property that read, "Homosexuals Must Repent Or Go To Hell."

The petition garnered nearly 200 signatures in two days, Dobbins said. She also reached out to the church and left a message with the pastor, but he had not returned her call as of Monday morning.

"NOWHERE in the bible does it mention gays and hell in the same sentence," she wrote on the Change.org petition. "There is no place in Jacksonville for such an ignorant and hatred-filled sign."

Dobbins, a travel agent originally from New York, said she was raised Catholic, and took issue with the sign's misreading of Biblical teachings.

"I'm all for the First Amendment," she told The Huffington Post on Monday, "but their sign was inaccurate. ... For a church to be so un-Christian, that really put me over the edge."

The church has not responded to a HuffPost request for comment. The pastor of the church refused to speak with press over the weekend but sent Action News a letterstating: “I was aware of the controversy from the sign, but this church feels it is needful to keep our citizens informed and be relevant through the word of God.”

Dobbins went to the church on Sunday to deliver her petition to the pastor but was stopped by congregants, as shown in the footage above.

"You obviously do not know your scripture, so you need to leave," one churchgoer is heard saying off camera. "This is private property."

The church's secretary informed her that the sign is changed every Monday morning, Dobbins said, but she had not yet checked on it as of speaking with HuffPost. Whether the church puts up a new sign or not, Dobbins said, she hopes to engage the pastor in conversation and ask him why he allowed such an antagonistic sign to go up.

"I would like to speak with him and say, 'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If you're really concerned that homosexuals are going to hell you should talk to them, not put up a sign that offends them so deeply.'"

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/11/florida-church-homophobic-...

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I simply said it was immature to throw eggs at the sign, as Simon had suggested - he was the one who got his panties in a wad and decided that my opinion constituted a reportable offense.


Here watch this...Then try to take away anyones free speech....


Belle, I'm not offended by the sign. I find it rather silly, and very insecure. Statements like this demonstrate the childish "you've got cooties" attitude that most children grow out of. It's a known behavior to try to claw back a groups unity when it is jeapordized, by singling out an "enemy" in the attempt to regain cohesion of the group, usually without great success.

Hitler and the Jews, Putin and the Gays, Thatcher and the Falklands, it's repetitive desperation - works for a short time, then implodes. I find great cheer in the thought that the churches are becoming so desperate. The more they take this antisocial stance, the more society wants to disassociate from them. A perfect example is the Westboro Baptist Church, which is one of the biggest embarrassments to the other groups of religious adherents in the USA.

Go ahead, churches. Air your bigotry. Share with the world that you are intolerant bigots, so we can all see for ourselves what you stand for.


Some terminology

Try and stop me.  Except I don't live in Florida. 

I have to agree with the large numbers of people who believe the church has a first amendment right to post what it wants on its property.  (Sorry, Belle)

It's infuriating, sure, but they have the right to be asses, and we have the right to call them on it.

Furthermore, throwing dog eggs or any other kind of gooey stuff at the sign is a violation of the church's rights, so Archaeopteryx is 100 percent correct in condemning that act.

Sigh...I suppose you all are right, I digress...

I have to agree with a previous poster Belle, the minute that I saw it was on church property I didn't care.  If it makes you feel any better, I've always believed that this kind of speech always exposes itself for the evil that it is.  You see the neighborhood gathering up against it and that's what I like to see.  If the church begins to realize that they're offending people then they will likely stop their behavior.  If people don't go to their church because of this, they will learn their lesson that way. These days, most bigots like to cower in the shadows rather than show themselves. 

I am curious as to how they knew that the woman was coming to share the petition with the pastor but it doesn't really matter.  Honestly, I find it kind of amusing that the church felt that they needed all of those members to go up against one woman.  I mean seriously, what are they so afraid of?  :-)

I don't give a flying fuck.  I'd definitely do it. 

We know - to both statements.

You're not going to make me cut you off and leave TA, because I care about Belle and being able to help her.  So I'm just going to leave you to your own devices. 


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