Outrageous!!!! - Please sign this petition to hold this church accountable....

This is the video:


Cate Dobbins wants a word with the head of the church that put up a homophobic sign in her neighborhood, but so far the pastor has ignored her request.

Dobbins started an online petition on Friday, calling on the First Conservative Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, to remove a sign on its property that read, "Homosexuals Must Repent Or Go To Hell."

The petition garnered nearly 200 signatures in two days, Dobbins said. She also reached out to the church and left a message with the pastor, but he had not returned her call as of Monday morning.

"NOWHERE in the bible does it mention gays and hell in the same sentence," she wrote on the Change.org petition. "There is no place in Jacksonville for such an ignorant and hatred-filled sign."

Dobbins, a travel agent originally from New York, said she was raised Catholic, and took issue with the sign's misreading of Biblical teachings.

"I'm all for the First Amendment," she told The Huffington Post on Monday, "but their sign was inaccurate. ... For a church to be so un-Christian, that really put me over the edge."

The church has not responded to a HuffPost request for comment. The pastor of the church refused to speak with press over the weekend but sent Action News a letterstating: “I was aware of the controversy from the sign, but this church feels it is needful to keep our citizens informed and be relevant through the word of God.”

Dobbins went to the church on Sunday to deliver her petition to the pastor but was stopped by congregants, as shown in the footage above.

"You obviously do not know your scripture, so you need to leave," one churchgoer is heard saying off camera. "This is private property."

The church's secretary informed her that the sign is changed every Monday morning, Dobbins said, but she had not yet checked on it as of speaking with HuffPost. Whether the church puts up a new sign or not, Dobbins said, she hopes to engage the pastor in conversation and ask him why he allowed such an antagonistic sign to go up.

"I would like to speak with him and say, 'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If you're really concerned that homosexuals are going to hell you should talk to them, not put up a sign that offends them so deeply.'"

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/11/florida-church-homophobic-...

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It is so maddening to me the utter disrespect and contempt of this pastor, and the ability for them to get a pass for their behavior just because they say it is the "word of God..." SOOOOO maddening!!!!

Sorry Kiddo, can't do it. Is the sign offensive? Absolutely. Has the church the legal right to display it? Absolutely.

As soon as I read that the sign was on church property, that was the deciding factor. Many theists object to our "Good Without God" billboards, but we have every legal right to display them to the public. As soon as we start censoring what we consider offensive, we lose any right to complain when others censor us on the same grounds. The only way free speech works, is that if everyone is free to use it.

It strikes me as hate speech, don't you think?

Yes, in my opinion, but it doesn't advocate violence toward any groups, and it IS on their own property. We can't afford to use any argument that they could reverse and use on us.

I understand, but being "afraid" it will be used against "us" is a lame excuse for doing nothing.
I understand what you're saying, but I think they need to face some consequences for their vitrol, don't you think?

Freedom of speech is not and was never meant to be used this way.

Actually, whether or not it was "meant" to be used that way, even the KKK has the right - under the same amendment - to spew their racist vitriol. Once an authority begins deciding what people can and can't say, we open a Pandora's box that we can't close again.

If you're looking for a cause, check this out:


But the LGBTQ community is protected against this in the workplace. Why do we not hold the communities in which they live to the same standard?

Protected against what, exactly Belle?

If you were found saying these things in a workplace, you would be fired, and there would be grounds for a lawsuit. The church shouldn't get an exemption on this.

Frankly I am not signing though this is a horrid sign they still have the right to post it this bigotry will be the death of christianity FOREVER

You make an excellent point, but at what expense?

I was watching a documentary recently about Adolf Hitler. It turns out after his service in WWI he indulged in anti-semitic literature. This undoubtedly had an effect on his thinking...think about it.

If we're going to defend freedom of speech to the extent that we allow our communities to openly speak this way, what kind of society are we?

To me it's common sense. They should be required to remove their hate speech from public view. If it means that much to them it can be printed in the church buletin.


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