For anything sticky use rubbing alcohol to remove it - it is most useful for removing stickers and UPC tags. Don't spend hours trying to scrape it off, just use rubbing alcohol. It's a great solvent.
Also, use rubbing alcohol to clean your electronics. It won't harm your gear as it evaporates quickly. It's great for dirty CDs or DVDs, but also for flat screens and for soaking really gunky equipment. It's great at cutting through oil. Use it on your iPhone screen!
Wikipedia has some other great uses:

And I always throw this one out there - hydrogen peroxide is great for getting out blood stains (but may discolor fabric - do a test first).

Bonus: Keep acetone fingernail polish remover around if you're playing with super glue. It'll get it off your skin instantly.

Tell all your friends!

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awesome. i'm the person that always spends way too much time scraping adhesives off. i'm going to try this next time.

i noticed you're in St Louis also. where do all you St Louis atheists hang out?
Thanks, Stacy B.!! This is very helpful! Do you know if hp is also good for getting out red wine stains? Also, I like it for saturating any little scrapes-gone-bad (e.g. red around the edges implying a little infection) and watching the satisfying white bubbles that form...Ah, the things we do for fun! ;)

Hey, I was born near St. Louis, so "hi" to you and to Andrew below!

Ooh, nice.

Oil is also a useful solvent for certain sticky substances - especially the goo from flypaper. It doesn't work on anything, but it can be handy. Unfortunately, it tends to leave an oil stain, so then you need something to get that out. I usually use baking soda for that.


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