For some folks, gnawing between tiny bones for hard-to-get meat and getting sauce all over your face are a crucial part of the chicken wing experience. If you'd like a less messy and more convenient solution, watch this wing disassembly.

We are, of course, referring to the flat wing portions with two bones, not the relatively easy-to-eat "drumettes." Chef John of the Food Wishes blog shows off a method here that leaves the eater with a solid strip of meat you can devour or dunk into your sauce of choice, and only leaves you with a bit of sauce or grease on your fingertips. You could probably get away with only removing the tiny bone and using the larger bone as a holding piece, but either way, it's probably a bit more formal and fancy than the normal process of digging in.

Via Serious Eats

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Morgan: I worry about you sometimes.
This is akin to the correct way to open a banana.
There's actually a video about that too, ya know!


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