As you well know when the fire is passed around, everyone takes their role. Some play the mime. Some play the man who found Heaven. I play the entertainer. What type do you play? Please don't say you play the silent one. Ugh!

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Deep conversation smoker....

I can be as well. I tend to talk forever though so I try to stay away from that role. @Tifany


I can too @Isaac. The problem I have with that is again, knowing when to stop. With my storytelling role, I kind of present a topic, and let it go from there. The best part is, I don't even need a response from those I am smoking with, I can go on by myself. the circle monitor.  lol it displeases me when the passing circle gets messed up.  i dont care if we are going left or right, i just make sure everybody gets a hit and passes it the right way :)

and then im always the person that will ask people if they need anything when i get up to do something, because i dont sit still for too long when im in a group.

Im a smoker that loves to laugh as hard as I can, and other times I love to talk about things I find interesting with interesting intelligent people.
I became amused and fascinated with anything and everything (when I used to be a stoner).

I'm still trying to peg an accurate description. 


I usually just become insanely introspective, but depending on what I smoke (highs, mids, lows) I can be chatty, funny, retarded, insane, philosophical, amused, or just wistful and imaginitive.... or the silent one.

depending on the atmosphere I am usually a chill stoner and it always gives me that pick me up that I need - better than coffee ;)


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