I have my best ideas when I am really stoned, I used to think' fucking eureka ' and then forget all abouyt them by morning. So I have learned from experience to keep a wee note pad by my side, well tha was the idea , but i forgot top factor in the i cant rememeber were a put the fucking pad, so now I keep serveral pads at my side.

i will post one Now and then


dont talk man , ffs , puff

I have wrote on the front nof the pad, ideas 1,

first and second ideas

1. helium rich chocolate, justr imagine when your stoned and dont really want to move, just reach out and get your wee munch.

2.knitted coffins , good for the envorioment, great for grannies, we can put the increasing aged population to work, am sure theres more

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I like this idea.

Instead of knitting coffins, how about hemp though? Save AND smoke some trees :)

I agree, I believe I've unlocked the mysteries of the universe after myself and Mary Jane tussle. I will start keeping notepads around.
Tatoos that change colour depending on your mood.
a genious idea, to write down all of your "stoner enlightment" moments. Love it. We all get them and forget what they were about, Every body, notepads out! Think of the possibilities!
I had of dream last night of making a corset out of metal and stained glass. Not too sure if it would work, but it would look cool!
A spliff you can smoke in the shower.


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