On November 9, Christopher Hitchens, depending on his health, is scheduled to appear with Stephen Fry in an Intelligence² conversation.


From the website:

Don't miss this chance to hear famed public intellectual and truth-teller Christopher Hitchens and his good friend, actor and writer Stephen Fry as they discuss politics, literature and, as Hitchens puts it, "the things that make life worth defending – foes like faith and false consolation."


For those of us who want to get as much Hitchens as possible, you can watch the event live online for around 8.00 usd. Click here for more information. I will be watching in order to gain as much from this great man as I can. And no I'm not getting a kick-back for this post but for those of us who love Hitch, these appearances are importation to know about.


About Intelligence²
Intelligence² has built a global reputation for staging live talks and debates on the most important political and cultural issues of the day. They have carved a niche in intellectual adventure, producing dazzling live events which attract sophisticated opinion formers week in week out. Their speakers are world experts, and they work with numerous media partners to extend the reach of their events, including the BBC who regularly broadcast Intelligence² events to a worldwide audience of 70 million viewers.

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