Use this discussion to talk [or rant] about what kind of experiences you've had while living with theists. What were the "good times?" What were the "bad times?" Were you ever a theist with them? Are there any other atheists living with you?

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I’m usually very quiet, especially about my views, always trying to avoid unnecessary conflict, but one night, I just couldn’t help myself. I was quietly eating dinner when my Mormon parents started making fun of how my uncle prays about what fruit to buy at the store. Casually, I chimed in “What? He can talk to his imaginary friend about anything he wants can’t he?” The blank stares of disbelief were… well, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard.
LMFAO!!! My protestant family pissed me off when they said something [they know about my atheism] like "well at least we're not mislead atheists... like you." I basically responded with the same thing...
"At least I'm not praying to an imaginary friend." - I didn't get to laugh though because they started screaming verbal abuse at me.
I agree about letting them waste their own time, but It's just depressing that I don't know a single person that:
1. Can explain the reasons behind the things they do.
2. Uses logic and reasoning in making decisions.
3. Would 'take the red pill'
Today I meet the first person that said they would 'take the red pill'. This person also happens to be the first atheist I ever knew. I'm so glad I got back in touch with her.
My dad was not raised Jewish but my mom was and wanted me to be. I remember when I was younger and used to go to temple with my parents and my dad would refuse to read anything that wasn't either in English or had a translation, not because he thought he would say something bad, he just didn't want say something without knowing what it meant. Of course my mom had to say how this was a bad example for me and he was being ridiculous. And on a note to the comment above me, my mom definitely falls into the "blue pill" group.


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