Give some details of what you go through on a day to day basis with dealing with your hypersexuality. Your feelings, your thoughts, how you cope or how you give in.

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For me, the guilt & shame that comes from my fornicating can be just as, if not more, intense even when I reject an opportunity. Sometimes I just right the waves. It can be a pleasant feeling to feel the need but can also feel quite painful. I do my best to avoid women but it's hard when one has to work amongst lots of them. I try not to even talk to them. My senses are always on alert. I'm constantly looking, smelling, & listening for the next opportunity. I lose grasp with the present world & daydream for minutes to hours when I spot some woman I must have. Sometimes my female co-workers aren't much help. They think of me as mostly as a sexual person, a pervert, easy. So when passing by they influence it with neck rubs, tickles, & spankings. They know not of my situation because they may take advantage of me so I lay low. Mostly why I made this group cause I have no one to talk to about this. This is my coping with my problems because I can't trust the people I know with my issues.


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